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Worldwide Chris offers first hand travel experiences through his blog, coaching services, and is preparing for his NEW release of his first BOOK to serve others in a unique and incredible way!

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Discover various parts of Latin America venturing outside of the well known touristy areas developing an understanding of true and authentic ways of life outside of your comfort zone.

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Meet different people, cultures, traditions and landscapes.

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From new trips for inspiring new personal development, to new writing projects and professional development! Head on over to my blog to read more!

What People Say – Upcoming Book

The Five Finger Approach is an amazing book that seeks to encourage the reader onto a path of self-discovery using the known symbolisms behind each finger. Far from being a regular sounding motivational book, this one is very intentional about using language that will appeal especially to the younger generation whilst having tips that will be incredibly useful to older members. It is a book highly recommended due to how it focuses on healing from trauma and pain in a practical way. 


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Personal development mindset coaching. Become the YOU that you always wanted.

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A special invitation to speak to individuals about a unique system that saved my life.

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