A Post Grad Passing

Hello hello!

This is my first blog post (obviously). I guess let’s just start wherever and see where it takes us.

So I did a thing this spring. I GRADUATED from the University of Wisconsin – Oshkosh! Woah! I did a thing that I never thought I could accomplish, but here I am writing about it! Four years of sweat, stress, complete procrastination, and complete utter happiness.

One of the key components to accomplishing my four year degree with Environmental Studies and a Spanish minor was the dreams of post graduation. These constant daydreams and life dreams of traveling the world kept me striving for that finish line across the stage on May 13, 2017. Now I have the ability to pursue them (kind of).



For about four to five years, I have been constantly and consistently dreaming about backpacking the world. It all started with dreaming to backpack in Europe and utilize my Spanish speaking ability (which was fairly poor freshman year) in Spain. That fantasy led me to the “backpacker’s paradise”, which is also referred as the country of Thailand in South East Asia. When I first read about South East Asia, I was pretty stubborn and closed minded, but I dug into some information about traveling South East Asia and what it has to offer. I conducted a tinsy-winsy amount of research and BAM. I fell in love.

ANYWAY, here I am, in my home town of Neenah, Wisconsin. I still am living in the same spot working at a pizza place and a glorified grocery store. It is not quite where I wanted to be, as I was originally going to Alaska for seasonal employment. However, now I am not as I was thrown for a loop (is that how people say it?). Guess what happened!


A GIRL SHOWED UP IN MY LIFE. Yes a beautiful and exotic woman! Thank you for messing with my heart. If you are reading this, it is supposed to be funny. She showed up in my life from a different country in shambles. She happens to be from Venezuela, which is amazing considering she speaks Spanish, and basically has every interest ever that aligns with mine. IN ADDITION, she has the same unbendable values (religion, world views, political views, and a few others) as me as well. We both have incredibly supportive families and they help us make this long distance relationship much smoother! But wait there is more (and a catch). Unfortunately due to her situation in Venezuela, finances are a little scarce in the moment due to you know…survival down there? So I am in a position where my traveling desires and passions are on pause so I can help out a little….because of a girl. She is coming in 28 days as of now to the USA to visit for a while before we leave to visit another country (she has her tourist visa). Way to go fur fur (my nickname as a kid because I could not pronounce Christopher). But also, really way to go, shes great, and you won’t find anyone like her. So WAY TO GO!

Well so now, I am trying to make the most of things, because I want to experience places like Thailand and of course other countries, and now also have a new passion and burning desire for Latin America with this spectacular girl. I will continue to write about interests, places I have gone, places I would like to go, and possible hobbies to share.

Cheers to the first, probably terrible blog post. Is this even how you do it? I’ll learn!

Worldwide Chris




Published by WorldWideChris

An adventurous soul who takes life by the horns, who isn't afraid to fail, and who learns from his failures. I studied Environmental Sciences at University of Wisconsin Oshkosh with a Spanish minor. I posses a burning passion for the Hispanic culture. The outdoors is where you will find me. If I am not outdoors, I am either writing, reading, running or studying something always pushing myself to learn. Connecting with others is something I enjoy very much through social and community engagement and life coaching. I want to be a part of something bigger than myself. Cheers!

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