Making a Day Trip to Pucusana!

Hey guys, it has been a while!

Sorry it has been forever. You would not believe how hard it was to load this page! The internet is incredibly slow here. Once you use so much data, you are guaranteed a certain speed that quite has not met the standards I was hoping for. So a nice piece of advice – please do not take your internet for granted. ANYWAY, enough of that. Let’s talk about Pucusana (almost a week ago we did this!). So if you recall my last blog post, we had our trip to the hospital! If you have not read that one, check it out! Well the adventure we had at Pucusana before our hospital visit was beyond incredible. Pucusana is a small little fishing village south of Lima with pure beauty hiding in the dry mountainous region far from central Lima.

Friends, a Dog, and Aliens?!

Our dear friend John picked us up early in the morning and onward we traveled to visit his dog Max and some old friends in his old neighborhood near Punta Negra. I don’t exactly know where we stopped, but we stopped for these bread-like-empanada-like-delicious-things. If you continue driving south, there are mountainous regions that clearly indicate military zones marked with (Zona Militar). John and friends told us stories of these areas where the local people have seen unexplainable sightings in the sky ranging from bright lights, UFOs, and theories with the past civilizations and aliens! This is incredibly interesting, and I related it to the USA’s area 51. Kind of cool, kind of creepy, verdad? Anyway, I might be doing some research into that for fun! Are you guys interested in this kind of stuff?


The Trip South of Lima

Driving south of Lima, the landscape changes. The city slowly dissipates into drier and sandier areas. The mountains start to climb and grow as you continue driving south. And it is interesting. The small communities live in such dry climates, and it just looks so out of place sometimes and it makes you wonder how people live in areas like these. Smaller impoverished communities are abundant in these areas and all of a sudden you reach Pucusana!

Pucusana – The Local Life

As stated earlier, Pucusana is a small fishing village off of this little cove coast type of area. It’s beautiful. Looking out into the Pacific ocean seeing a parking lot of fishing boats, looking at the locals working hard to catch and distribute the freshly caught fish to the inner city of Lima. I am sure tourists have been there, but visiting this small village, you definitely are an outsider and it is truly a wonderful experience. We took a boat ride out into the Pacific around a small island which inhabited penguins, sea lions, endless amounts of birds, crabs, starfish, and probably others as well! Oh and yes, we saw PENGUINS. We were in a pretty small boat, and I must have been gripping the boat too hard, because the “boat driver” says to me in Spanish not to worry, he is the el capitan.

This is the boat parking lot


We also visited a small little cove where water and waves would come crashing in leaving a small area to swim in. I have no idea how to describe it so I will post a picture, because I literally cannot explain it. (More pictures will be uploaded into the Gallery Tab of the website)


John being the generous man that he is, bought us lunch as well! This was the day we tried ceviche y chupe for the first time! Ceviche is raw fish basically cooked in lime juice. Oh. My. Lawd. It was so darn tasty. I was skeptical about eating raw fish, but hey what is the worst thing that can happen?? Be hospitalized?? Oh…wait.. Oriana…yeah…(if you have no idea what I am talking about-check out the last post). Either way, we both enjoyed the ceviche, the seafood, the chupe, and of course one of my favorite drinks – Inca Kola. Que Rico.

Chupe – This soup is to DIE for. Oriana practically did that night (too soon?).
Ceviche, Mariscos, y mas. Basically a seafood platter! Wow que rico!

This is definitely a trip to remember, and I will be making my way back down to Pucusana again for another day! Thanks for joining me on this adventure! I will have another post out in about two days or so! I have some great news for the next post. I will share what Oriana and I have been up to, and about our NEW JOBS! WHAT?! WOOH!

Thanks again y’all! Feel free to share the post, comment, questions, do not hesitate!



Anything you are just itching to know about living in Peru? Know of a cool place in Peru and want us to venture out and experience it? Let me know!

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