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Happy Wednesday Afternoon and Happy Valentines Day! ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

Welcome welcome welcome! Oriana and I have great news for you all today! We would like to announce that we both found jobs in Peru! We both are going to be ENGLISH TEACHERS! We already went to our first teacher’s meeting discussing..well teacher stuff. We will be teaching English to business professionals which is something I never expected myself doing! This should be interesting!

About Our New Jobs! (Company will not be named for now)

There are definitely some pros and cons to this position, however we will stick to mostly the pros! So from what we have gathered and our first teacher’s meeting, this experience is going to be a blast! We will be meeting with local Peruvian business executives and working one on one or in small groups helping them with specialized programs and our own teaching styles learning English! Our coworkers are a phenominal group of teachers! The ages range from the 20’s to probably around the 40’s. Everyone is so happy to be there, and everyone has a giant smile on their face ready to better themselves as an English Teacher, and they are all ready to transfer their knowledge to their clients! However, there is one tiny little issue. We do not start until March.


Oriana tackling her interviews in the district of San Borja!


The Problem and Our Plan

This becomes a problem because how Peruvian work culture works, is you work all month, and you get paid at the end. Soooo what does this mean? This means our first paycheck is not until April 1st. See the problem? Well, I am very comfortable (kind of) for not having an income flowing in, however, I would definitely like to start working and have a little bit more financial security coming in. Plus, I want to get my hands dirty and dig in and work! So that is Oriana and I’s next adventure! We are currently exploring some part time side jobs just to get a little bit of extra cash!

Side note: I found a new place to blog with fast internet. SHOUT OUT TO STARBUCKS! I don’t know why I didn’t think about this idea earlier. You (Starbucks) are a blogging-internet-connection-speed savior! And I like your freshly brewed coffee, or how they call it in Lima, café pasado!


Oriana’s tea and my coffee



Today Oriana is on her THIRD interview!! Way to go Orio! She is killing every single one! Like I said, we are mainly going to work for the English teaching position, that is our main source of income once we get to the going and get to the workin’! However, we some part time work will not kill us or affect our upcoming teaching job. Oriana is on her third interview, and I am just sitting here finally making blogs (but these are more important for now haha). I will apply later today.

Volunteer Work – Environmental Conservation

I have also been doing some research into environmental conservation careers and volunteer work. There are a lot of marine/aquatic conservation organizations near Lima that are looking for volunteers. I sent out three emails to different organizations that were “close” enough to where I live. Close means like….1 hour bus ride or so? I would love to get more involved with work in my degree such as this. You know, get some experience, be and adult, learn some cool stuff about animals and the environment, *Cough* get my foot in the door professionally *cough*, and meet some cool people in Latin America with similar values and different perspectives!


Looking for whales or something (In reality this is the surfing beach)


Alright! So now that I have a better place to blog and share with you the Latin America life, I now can assure you that the blog posts will be more steady! Thanks for readin’ up this week! Have a great day y’all!




Everyone has a hard time calling me Chris, so I say Christopher – This is usually how it is spelled.



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