Valentines Day Madness in Peru! How to be the best lover living here with tips

Hey! Wow!  Valentine’s Day is a day of Madness in Lima, Peru!

Valentine’s Day in the United States can be someone’s favorite holiday, or everyone’s worst nightmare (if you are single). Our society pressuring couples to buy chocolates in the forms of hearts, buying flowers to “surprise” your significant other (who really may or may not expect them), and maybe even buying jewelry or a giant teddy bear, or one last one….a potential proposal! How romantic. Well, after experiencing Valentine’s Day in Peru, let me tell you. Single people looking for a partner must be incredibly depressed! Valentine’s Day is madness here and is a thousand percent more intense!

Seriously! Imagine yourself walking down the street and everywhere you look are hearts on buildings. Balloons on every street corner. Look to the left and there is another person pumping up balloons full of hearts and I love you’s . The city growing in a horror fil like setting with hearts, candies, roses, and commercialism of their favorite holiday in Peru, el dia del amor y la amistad! ❤20180214_184256.jpg

So yesterday I was writing the blogpost about our new job opportunities in San Borja. While I am sitting there furiously typing, I see in the corner of my eye that their massive heart balloons, and candy shaped candy sitting on the Starbucks table readily available for the customers to deliver to their significant others. It literally came out of nowhere! When Oriana and I left to go back to our home district, it was a zoo outside!20180214_184331.jpg Everywhere you look advertisements for Valentine’s day and last minute flowers and balloons to buy for your significant other! The venders screaming in your face… “Need a flower for your girlfriend?! She would love this balloon!”….Me holding Oriana’s hand squeezing harder and pulling us through the tunnel of venders for our sake of survival. It was a close call, but we made it out with some pictures to share as well.

How to make an incredible Valentine’s Day in Peru

  • Buy these things for your significant other:
    • Flowers – one or two….or three or four. Note: Make sure they are roses! Roses=Love!
    • Balloons – Buy a big balloon that says Te Amo or I love you! The more balloons the better! You honestly cannot go wrong with like 15 balloons. Your significant other will go bonkers for you.
  • Go to Starbucks and buy complimentary Frappuccino’s This is mostly what the younger cats did.20180214_190208.jpg
    • The Peruvian culture is not extremely big into coffee, so a tea will do just fine as well.
  • Have a picnic for lunch at some park, or just go to a cute park and hold hands, and make out in public. Peruvians are incredibly open to this and do not care about PDA (Public display of affection).
  • Of course they have movie theaters in Lima, this isn’t the jungle! Go to a movie and be ready to hold hands or have your or your partner’s arm around you the whole movie.
  • Be ready to give as much candy and desserts to your partner and gorge yourself, because that is what this day is about.. I mean love (for desserts).
  • Be ready to show and give as much love to your partner as you possibly can!


Here is my Valentine! 

So I am glad you are here learning about Peruvian Valentine culture! Who knew that this was a huge hyped up holiday! Like I said, they hype it up so much more than the United States does, and that is unbelievable! Thanks for tunin’ in! Next post: is on Oriana and I’s trip to Parque de las Leyendas! Come check out this massive park with us that will be posted on Saturday. As always, leave a comment or suggestion! Chao for now!





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