Parque de las Leyendas – What to do, tips and more!

This park is too incredible for the cost of entry! Only 12 soles! This is roughly the same as four dollars to EXPLORE this MASSIVE park right here in San Miguel. This park offers an eternal winding maze of a zoo and so much more! Now, I have mixed feelings for zoos, but that aside, it is incredible, and for the most part it seems like their animals are well treated and well kept. Anyway that aside, there is a “lagoon” that is obviously manmade, but you can take boat rides, paddle boats, and simply enjoy a small body of water while indulging on must have refreshing Inca Kola! Ahhhh! There is so much more to offer in this park as well…Just read on! Actually here is a list of things to do! Check it out and click on the link!

What El Parque de las Leyendas Offers

  1. Tour the HUGE zoo
  2. Have a picnic in the large field or play futbol with the locals
  3. Visit the lagoon and rent a paddle boat or take a boat ride
  4. Visit the Incan ruins (depending on the day)
  5. Visit the botanical garden
  6. Eat at the restaurants inside
  7. Take the kids to the playground, mini maze, and small theme park
  8. Read and learn about biodiversity, art, and Incan history

Checking out the google maps around our area in San Miguel, we noticed a big hunk of green space on the map. I was thrilled to see a park so large near our area! However, it took Oriana and I nearly two weeks to finally visit the park and it was right in our backyard!

That little green spot is the WHOLE park. It is massive for what it has to offer!

The Entrance

Walking around the park, first thing to notice are the large stone walls with an appearance of a prison. Another interesting observation is that there are many “doors of entry”, however none of them function for entries. That part was a little frustrating because we could not find the darn entry into the park. What did we do? The only logical thing to do… to walk allllll the way around the giant park until we found it at the southwest corner… Now I may be exaggerating, but the park felt like the size of Central Park, New York! When we found the entrance, we were SO thrilled to get in! It was so welcoming with a giant arch with the name of the park in huge letters towering over everyone entering.


Escaping the City

Inside the park are restaurants, Incan ruins, side stalls that sell drinks and snacks, a field to have a picnic or to play futbol, and so much more! Within the park there is a feeling of tranquility within the city. There is a feeling of home (Wisconsin for me), as the walls, trees, and park scenery really mutes the busy city side traffic. 10/10 I recommend going to Parque de las Leyendas.

The first thing we explored was the zoo. We learned about all of the different species of birds and macaws that live in Peru and in South America. However, there is one specific bird I would like to bring to attention. The national bird of Peru, the Andean cock-of-the-rock, is not considered an endangered species (like the Peruvian told me). The Peruvian who was sharing this with me, was so thrilled and so incredibly enthusiastic about the national bird, which was amazing to see. This brings me to the my next point of environmental conservation. There was only a small section of environmental education. The irony, there was garbage all over the floor, kids feeding turtles human food, plastic bottle tops floating in the water with fish and other marine wildlife, and to be honest, Peruvians litter all the time, it is terrible. I would love to find an environmental group here in Lima that helps with environmental educational programs, or even create my own. Maybe one day there will be a chain reaction to help care for their city and their environment around them with more respect for their place that they call home.

national bird of peru
Andean Cock of the Rock

Helpful tips for your next visit!

  • Pack your own lunch
    • Of course there are places to buy snacks and eat at the inside restaurants, however if you are ready to save a dollar or two (despite saving money in Peru already with their economy), you will save a ton and still enjoy a wonderful day in Peru at this park located in San Miguel
  • Bring a hat and sunglasses and sunscreen
    • It. Is. Hot. And. Sunny. Bring it…You will need it.
  • Bring plenty of water
    • Stated underneath the last bullet point as well.
  • Bring your best walking shoes
    • The park is enormous. You will need your best walking shoes to see everything comfortably. Avoid your flip flops if you can. You will thank me later. Unless you aren’t going to walk very far. I am wearing pretty nice walking shoes with memory foam or whatever it is, and my feet were pretty sore by the end of the day!
  • Have kids? Perfect, they will love it
    • The mini maze, playground, and theme park will easily keep your kids entertained for hours. Also everything else the park provides is kid friendly like the botanical garden as it winds endlessly through beautiful vegetation.
  • Be ready to spend the day there
    • Oriana and I spent the whole day there and we need to go back. As much as we saw, there was more to be seen, more to be remembered, and it is easily enjoyed a second time! There was part of the zoo in the central part of the park that we did not even see so we definitely will plan on going back!
  • Be ready to learn and read the small signs
    • There are signs everywhere about the Incan ruins, the biodiversity of Peru and also South America in general, and about Peruvian history as a whole. Incredibly interesting!


Thanks for reading about our great day at the park! I hope the tips have helped you, and I hope to see you next time on my next post! Leave a comment, suggestion, or a question about this post or a what you would love to know about! Also a fun feature added to the bottom is a slideshow of our pics of our adventure!






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