Adios San Miguel –> Hola Miraflores!

Welcome back! It has been ages since my last post, so let us do some catching up!

First and foremost, I promised my new friend, Veruzka (a friend of Oriana’s in Venezuela), that I would make a post about and for Venezuela in Spanish! I promise you it is in the works. Anyway! We made a big decision, and jumped on a new opportunity of moving to MIRAFLORES! We are incredibly excited to share and show you our new house of what I think is 7 total?! Right…moving on.. So living in San Miguel has been an adventure in itself and has filled us with so many experiences and understandings of living outside of the tourist areas. I am so thankful and grateful to have lived there, and I am even more grateful to have moved here, because let me tell you….IT IS INCREDIBLE. I also want to give a HUGE HUGE HUGE shout out to Andres, my new primo (cousin). He took us in and gave us a bedroom in his apartment, cooked meals for us, dealt with us in his apartment, and he did so much more. So thank you primo for helping us out! Let’s get to the new place in Miraflores!20180302_130207.jpg

We live near an area called Surco. This place literally has everything we have ever hoped for. It has a shared kitchen fully stocked with glasses (including wine glasses), plates, 20180319_090045.jpgfrench coffee presses, a microwave, a toaster, three fridges, food baskets, cupboards, and almost anything you can imagine which is shared between roughly 7 of us! The people here are great. They are neat professionals that mutually respect everyone, yet they are exceptionally fun to be around and talk with.

When you first walk in, we have a small garden or patio with swings and some lawn furniture enclosed off with some natural vegetation including some cacti! It is pretty cool to be honest! You walk in the shared house with the elongated shared kitchen and a 20180317_081236.jpgsmall little “hangout lobby” with a small coffee table and some vintage photos of past roommates hanging on the wall. Behind that room is a small connected patio for one of the first floor bedrooms. Hidden in this area are three bikes that are accessible for usage on a daily basis! WOW NEAT! On the first floor there is also a small family room for people to watch TV with the newly installed Direct TV – What a great way to learn some Spanish as I was watching Despicable Me in Spanish yesterday! See pics below in slide show for further detail! 🙂

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The second floor (where my room is) contains three bedrooms and a shared bathroom with the a couple of the bedrooms. Luckily, our bedroom is incredibly spacious which includes our own private bathroom and shower! 20180319_085921.jpg

Follow the stairs to the third floor you will reach floor 2 and a half. This room follows up a petite flight of stairs to an open area exposed to the great city outdoors! This is the laundry room where you can clean your clothes and hang them up to dry. It is a really neat little area!

Continue to the third floor and you have this wonderful living room area with a large desk to blog, write, study, or enjoy the view of the city. Here Oriana and I watch Netflix as this is the only floor with a three prong plug for my laptop. This is one of my favorite rooms as it is so cozy and contains a beautiful amount of natural light. Lastly, my favorite floor. The fourth floor terrace.

As you climb up the last flight of stairs, you come to the top floor with the last bedroom 20180302_130146.jpgand the outdoor terrace and garden! This is my favorite. Here we have vegetation, a nice little grassy area, shade, and of course the beautiful view of Surco and Chorillos in the distance along with the city below us. In the distance you can see the mountain silhouettes that spark your interest. I have enjoyed reading, drinking coffee, writing, and simply reflecting on life from this area of the house.

We have been here for a little over two weeks and have been busting our butts working. There is so much to share with you all, and so little time!!

Night view from our 4th floor garden

Thanks for checking in at Worldwide Chris!




Blogs in the making:

-The crisis in Venezuela – in Spanish and English

-Update on our teaching path

-The daily commute and how it is like

-Slacklining in Peru and the potential to be something more

-How to get out and travel – getting out of your comfort zone

-Setting our eyes on exploring Peru outside of the city

-The daily struggle/grind

Let me know what you want to read about. Send me an email, leave a comment, or message me on Facebook!

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