Equilibrio – Finding Balance after Two Months in Lima

Equilibrio – Balance

Today is another special day! Today marks two whole months in Peru!? How has life been blowing by so fast? It is incredible honestly. This month has been full of new stories, new types of personal growth, and major problem solving skills. As stated in the previous post, we have moved from San Miguel to Miraflores (which has its own complications), slacklined much more, developed more meaningful friendships, and have been almost fully adapted into the city of Lima (in a way). This month has been a month of personal growth, personal realization, and now is the time to make decisions.

An update with our jobs. Right now I have been busting my butt off to pay for rent and food – do not worry no hay problema – but it is tough! Oriana is busting her butt off too. I am experiencing, on a more privileged level, how it feels to make ends meet. I have a lot of respect for the local people who work 60 hours a week for such a low wage to support their family on a daily basis.

My daily work routine for the week (Fluctuates)

  • Walk to my bus stop (to save a little bit of transportation money) – Midmorning
  • Take a bus 40 -60 minutes
  • Work for an hour to an hour and half
  • Take another bus 40-60 minutes to my next class
  • Wait two or three hours for my next class
  • Teach for another hour and half
  • Take a bus for another hourish
  • Take a bus home at 9:40pm

So yes I do spend a lot of time on the bus – which I really dislike some days. I am going to be honest, it has been really difficult for me in Lima some days. HOWEVER, I do not regret coming here. Some days it can be really hard realizing Oriana and I are working together for so little money. But then I think, we went from one extreme in San Miguel to the other extreme in Miraflores. These experiences are RICH with opportunity for learning. These experiences are a goldmine!

Although learning can be a slow process, I know I will look back at this and see everything that we have done! Oriana is in the process of getting a new job that is much more stable and much more financially reliable that will also push her as individual as a translator. She is more that capable in that position, and I know she will excel if given the position.

The problem with teaching in Lima

I currently work for two English teaching companies for business executives. These companies seem ideal to a foreigner when presented to them. The idea is that the English teacher goes to the business where their students are. This is incredibly beneficial for the English teaching companies as they do not have to pay for a venue to teach in, and it is more conducive for the students if they do not have to leave work. This sounds great right?

In addition, they tell you your hourly wage, which is a fairly decent wage for Peru per

Deep in thought about living in Lima

hour. Next, the employers promise the English teacher they will find classes close to those businesses in the same district. AWESOME SOUNDS FANTASTIC! Boom imagine this, there you are fantasizing that you will be working full time in a district or two in Lima, and that you will be making BANK with a higher Peruvian wage! Awesome! But wait…

I have a class near La Molina followed by a class in San Isidro, next in Miraflores, then back to San Isidro, and so on. These districts are time consuming black holes on a bus in reality! The time to get to classes with the traffic here is outrageous. So now, you break down the time it takes to get to class, the amount of time your employer wants you to prepare for a class, while also trying to navigate your way to your next class is horrendously energy consuming. Add this with trying to have a life of your own, grocery shopping and eating well, and also trying better yourself and your significant other. It is INCREDIBLY energy consuming.

As stated before, this is not a terrible job. I see personal growth from this experience. I see room for personal development. I feel and see myself being stronger from this situation. Thanks to family, friends, and of course mi amor, Oriana, I am learning to become stronger from my experiences here, and we are currently looking to find a balance in our lives to better our situation.

But wait there is more…Positivity

I also want to point out how much I love being with my students. They learn so fast, and they have so much drive for success! I enjoy every class with them, but the process of physically getting there and the preparation is what is difficult, but I want to let you all know that this job is rewarding and is not all negative!

Keep going, keep growing – Worldwide Chris

Potential Solutions

  • Find a different job – This has been an “in progress” project since day one living in Peru. I thought it would have been easier to find a job, but the trick is to find a job that is worth your time and money – ideally with great experience as well!
  • Online freelance work – I have recently been posting job gigs on online platforms offering these services:
    • English Teaching
    • International/Long Distance relationship advice – Oriana and I are now experts lol
    • Life coaching to live a positive and successful life – Five Fingers of Happiness
  • Slackline Lessons – I made business cards with slacklining services! I would love to teach local people, specifically kids how to slackline for 30 minute sessions. It does not have to be a lot of money, but some extra side money would be great! Furthermore, Slacklining would be a wonderful stress free job to make some pocket change!
  • Finding work outside of the city – I am searching for work more useful to my degree. Working in the Amazon would be so incredible! In the city, there are not too many options when it comes to working with environmental sciences as they require 10+ years of experience.
  • Become an exotic dancer – Yeah Right 🙂

There are so many opportunities that we can pursue, and we just need to exert more effort and be patient. Which brings me to the new lessons learned for month number two!

Lessons for month number two:

  1. Being Patient
  2. Breathing
  3. Do not stress
  4. Money will work itself out – with hard work
  5. Having a job is better than no job -Thanks Emily!
  6. Take advantage of these learning opportunities
  7. Be more positive
  8. We are becoming stronger
  9. This is temporary
  10. Learning how to problem solve better
“Patience is bitter, but its fruit is sweet.”
― Aristotle
With time, I am sure things will work itself out. We are both resourceful and hard working people, and we will achieve what we want to achieve with patience and hard work. Some days are harder than others, but this is a learning journey. Little by little am learning to breathe with what life throws at me while not stressing about it. Stressing does not help anything – it just makes it worse. I have a job and money is rolling in, and I appreciate that in itself.

What the Future Holds

Even though life is not perfect here in Lima, I am taking these experiences and learning from them and am glad I have this opportunity for self growth and time of opportunity. I am sure that we will move forward learning one day after the other. It helps that we have each other, our friends and family to help us along the way. One day we will look back at these experiences and see how far we have come- I am sure of it.

Our visit to Huaca Pucllana
I made a bucket list of places to visit in Peru!


  • Cusco
  • Machu Pichu
  • Rainbow Mountains
  • Puno
  • Arequipa
  • The Amazon
  • Other treks through the mountains
  • Environmental volunteering
  • Learn to Surf

Moral of the story – Oriana and I were too naive before coming in Peru, and we had to physically live the experience to learn that the reality of living in another country is harder than it seems, but doable.

The future is looking bright, but for now it is time to be positive about the present, work hard for the future, and keep in mind what is most important by taking lessons from the present.

Thanks checking in, and cheers to a bright future ahead!


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