The Writer’s Block Solution – Tips and Tricks

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Do you ever catch yourself wanting to write something, but you just cannot figure out how to write about it? Or is there something that just will not flow the way you want it to? This happens to me every once and a while, and I would like to share a few tips and strategies to combat these types of issues. First and foremost, just take a nice deep breath. 🙂 This post has been sitting in my draft folder for weeks, because I did not know how to write it (ironic I know). Sometimes I feel like I just do not know what to write for my blogs, or how to even start writing them. This is a common issue for everyone so sit back, take a deep breath, and let’s get through this together! First thing is first let’s identify the blockers.

Take a walk through a park for inspiration

Many factors can contribute to the blockage of your internal creativity. That sounds cool doesn’t it? Anyway, let’s identify some potential blockers.

  1. Stress – This is so broad and yet it can be incredibly personal. So take some time and identify what may be causing you stress. Is it family? Is it a career path that is not going your way? Or is a relationship that is not working the way you would like it? Regardless of the issue, identify it.
  2. Lack of creative practice – Maybe you get into the same routine of writing the same thing over and over, but with different words. I will show you some ways to help with this potential blocker.

    Change up the environment for writing
  3. Being tired – Being tired can hinder your flow of thoughts when it comes to putting something down on paper (or on the computer screen). Remember,writing takes energy! Make sure you get proper sleep before writing and eat properly as well!

These are only a few things that can hinder your creative thoughts when it comes to writing. Here are potential solutions to help resolve writer’s block.

  1. Put the pen and pencil down and give yourself time.
  2. Go for a walk. Go outside and get some fresh air. Take a nice little walk in a local park or go for a hike in the mountains if you have access. Take a break and get active to slowly clear your mind.
  3. Yoga and Meditation – I am not great at it, but I am learning to really enjoy practicing. I find that to help “reset” in a way when it comes to my thoughts.
  4. take out a separate piece of paper and write one of two things:
    1. Make an idea web – write down the topic and central theme of your writing following smaller bubbles/chains of subtopics that relate to the central theme. Start with baby steps building off of each other. When you have your ideas on paper, it can be much easier to connect them all together.
    2. Free write – just write whatever comes to your mind. Let your thoughts just go. If you have to write, “I do not know what to write, I do not know what to write” over ten times, just do it. Let your mind wander, let your thought channel through your writing utensil.
  5. Express yourself in a different way – For example, I like to play my ukulele and write music, and I also like to do something completely different like slacklining. I have a great friend Alex, who just wrote a poem about his writer’s block, and he is a fantastic writer by the way.

    Here I am attempting to do Yoga on a slackline

What did we learn?

There are so many ways to get around writer’s block. The number one key point to remember is to breathe and realize that this happens to everyone and it can be fixed. Do not get frustrated. Even though it can be difficult, identify your point of stress, try to eliminate it, and then follow through with an activity stated above to clear your thoughts or to “reset” yourself.

What do you do to get past writer’s block? Let me know in the comments!

You will get through whatever you are trying to write, just be patient, and enjoy the process! Writing is a beautiful and an incredibly rewarding experience. Write on my friends and thanks for reading in!



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