Adventure Time – Getting Outside of Lima

Almost two and a half months have passed here and I still have not left this chaotic city. So, I am going a little stir-crazy in Lima as it can be a lot to handle. Between the craziness of the traffic, the continuous blaring of the car horns signaling for the car in front to advance forward, or to the busy people are smashing your shoulder to get where ever they heck they are going, and everything else that this city holds. This is not to say that I do not like Lima, but I need to get out of here and explore more of Peru!

Good thing Peru has endless amounts of places and experiences!

So what kind of options are there? Hmm.. Good question! A ver….


Oh my, Huaraz has stolen my heart from the pictures. Mountains, lagoons and more attract my environmental nature loving hippie side of me every single day. This seems like a perfect weekend escape as I am pretty sure it is about a four hour bus ride (mas o menos) from Lima. Here I can do some nature loving hikes, take in the sights, maybe


meet a few people along the way, and of course get out of Lima. This seems to be the most desirable idea in the next couple weeks. This option is super cheap, and super accessible from the city of Lima! Many pictures will be coming of this, I promise! Next south east and you will find…..


Another beautiful little city that I have heard nothing but wondrous things. The farther north and East you go in Peru you go, the better – is only what I hear. I would love to make a trip towards Huancayo and see everything it has to offer. To be honest, I know nothing about it, only that my roommates loved it there and had a blast Kayaking with waterfalls and in the mountains??

The Amazon

There is of course visiting the jungle. The Amazon is a 100 percent must as I have heard nothing but good things visiting this region of Peru. I recently found a few trips that offer a four or five day trip by boat from Yurimaguas to Iquitos.  This trip is a slow paced boat ride, basically you are cargo, and once you get there the options are endless! I have been told that


Iquitos is one of the largest cities in the world that is not accessible by car. In order to go to Iquitos, you must take a boat or an airplane to get there, so that is pretty cool! The population is roughly 400,000 people.

The best time to go is I think the end of April until November? I need to do some more research, and I will be updated you all on all of these trips, but these are some ideas that I am sharing with you all!

The food, the people, and the biodiversity is what attracts me the most – which is the major part of it I guess, but regardless I am dying to see what the Amazon has to offer!

Let’s return back to the south and eastern part of Peru starting with the famous Cusco!

Cusco – Machu Pichu and the Rainbow Mountains

So Cusco is a 100 percent have to go to since Machu Pichu is there. Cusco is one of the largest cities near this major tourist attraction which brings in many tourists every year. There are two trails to Machu Pichu that interest me. There is the Salkantay Trek, which is about a five day hike to almost 15,000 feet at its highest point, and


then back down to Machu Pichu residing at 7,972 feet. the Salkantay Trek appears to me more appealing as it is less traveled, and there are plenty of mountains (snow-capped) and wildlife to see as there are less hikers.

Also, while in this general area, the rainbow mountains are pretty close to Cusco.



Arequipa! Located in the South Eastern-ish part of Peru, is home to a less traveled route for backpackers and is developing quickly while also being a hot spot for Peruvian local travelers. This city is home to a few volcanoes, and holds rich historical colonial history that I would love to five right into!


My oh my Puno looks beautiful. When I end up doing a trip to Arequipa, I will make a side pit stop to Puno, where one of my roommate’s mother is from. Puno is located on the South Eastern boarder of Bolivia and Peru separated by the highest fresh water lake in the world, Titicaca. This city holds great historical value with Andeans, and the what is known as the birthplace of the sun. When I go to Arequipa, Puno is a must to go as well since they are in the same vicinity.

Image result for puno


There are so many places to go here in Peru, and I hope to slowly chip away place by place that I am able to. I would like to visit all of these if I am able to, but I want to also allow myself sufficient amount of time to fully view, experience, and dive into the culture. I believe I can hit all of these places in a year if I budget correctly, and plan accordingly, but of course life does not always go as planned, and sometimes that is for the better! Tune in next time, I am hoping to go to Huaraz, or Huancayo in the next week or two! Fingers crossed!


Worldwide Chris


P.S. None of these pictures are mine – the sources of where I took them from the internet are under the photos, and I hope to share with you my own pictures of my experiences in the near future! Thanks for understanding!


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