The Dangers of Being in the Comfort Zone – How to get out of it

Ahh, the comfort zone. Something so nice, and something so hindering for growth. The comfort zone can be nice sometimes, a safe haven if you will, but it also can hinder your personal growth, your profesional growth, or even your social growth. The comfort zone is all around us: in our jobs, our homes, our lifestyle, and practically everything else. Finding a healthy balance between being comfortable without rapid growth and getting uncomfortable and learning quickly with raw experiences can help boost your life lesson capacity. Here are some benefits and strategies to help you get out of the comfort zone.

Getting out of the comfort zone should be something you do every once and a while. Some people take it to the extreme and live their whole life out of this zone, and some people stray from being comfortable every once and a while (once a week, once a month), but it all depends on how much you want to grow, and more importantly who you want to become!

Do you want to:

  1. Travel alone?
  2. Learn a language?
  3. Start that business?
  4. Buy that car?
  5. Ask that person on a date?
  6. Confront your boss (be careful and do not sue me if things go wrong)?
  7. Skydive?
  8. Take that road trip?
  9. Quit your job?

Then just do it! Things will happen to you and you will learn from it – no matter how difficult things get! Sounds easier than it actually is right? Well, the thing you need to remember is that you only have one life – Do what scares you, but do what you enjoy! Otherwise you will have regret, and you do not want that! Like the other day I regretted not dancing Salsa with some strangers in public.

The other day Oriana and I were walking down the street in Barranco, and there was a group of people dancing Salsa, and she recommended me to go ask and have them dance with me to help me learn – I unfortunately declined this beautiful opportunity as I was uncomfortable with the idea of me dancing in public to a rhythm I do not quite understand yet (lol). I wish I would have done it, because it would have been a great experience and I could have even met some new friends! — Next time!

On the other hand, I spent some time with friends the following day and we decided to ask a man and his buddy playing basketball if they wanted to play a three on three pickup game. I initially did not want to as I do not like bothering people. But, then I thought to myself – Why not? If they do not want to play they will so, right? Of course! We approached the dude and his buddy, and they were pretty excited to play a game against us instead of just shooting around by themselves. Needless to say, we had a BLAST.

This is just a small example of getting out of the comfort zone, and it is times like these we learn about ourselves and other people! We learn to be more confident with ourselves, and we learn how to socialize with others around us – in this case in a different language! Also, every person is different on what makes them uncomfortable, and everyone has their own limit, so be sure that you know what your limit is and do not exceed that limit or you could end up hurting yourself, or having a terrible experience.

Oriana and I experiencing Huaca Pucllana – Ancient Ruins

Here are some ways you can get out of your comfort zone!

  1. Try something new every week/month.
  2. Say hi to people on the streets or smile at them.
  3. Ask someone at the park if you can sit next to them.
  4. Make conversation with strangers and try to make it meaningful (avoid small talk).
  5. Go on a solo trip to a different country!
  6. Take a road trip somewhere you have never been.
  7. Do something extreme! (skydive for example)
  8. Play your instrument in public and try to make a few extra bucks.

The list goes on and on! There are many ways you can get out of your comfort zone and honestly, there is no way to be comfortable with it until you do it many times! Right?

My Comfort Zone

Living in Lima was hard and weird and uncomfortable at first, but three months in I feel much better and way more comfortable here.

What does this mean?

This means I need to do something that makes me uncomfortable forcing me to grow and learn. Right now I am planning on my next trip in July for after my Visa/Passport stay in Lima forces me to leave. I am planning to travel to another Latin American country by myself, which is just a tad out of the comfort zone. No matter, I am excited to see where that adventure will teach and lead me.

So what are you waiting for? Do what scares you, and prove to yourself that you can do whatever it is that scares you and makes you uncomfortable! Remember you have family and friends who are there for you to support you every step of the way – and if you don’t reach out to me!

Good luck, and cheers!


Worldwide Chris

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An adventurous soul who takes life by the horns, who isn't afraid to fail, and who learns from his failures. I studied Environmental Sciences at University of Wisconsin Oshkosh with a Spanish minor. I posses a burning passion for the Hispanic culture. The outdoors is where you will find me. If I am not outdoors, I am either writing, reading, running or studying something always pushing myself to learn. Connecting with others is something I enjoy very much through social and community engagement and life coaching. I want to be a part of something bigger than myself. Cheers!

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