What is there to do in Boomin’ Barranco District? Check out these photos!

I have yet to post many pictures of time in Barranco, so today I present you some beautiful pictures and commentary of the streets and modern culture of Barranco. Barranco is located just South of Miraflores in Lima and has quite the “hippie” vibe.

A beautiful walkway full of street art to the ocean, shops, and vendors

This popular destination is a must for anyone visiting Lima as it draws in tourists from its mouthwatering food fests every night with savory anticuchos (cow heart), to the street performers break dancing, to live music. There is always something new to experience.

The beautiful Plaza de Barranco

One thing that I want to share with you is the beloved – La Feria – Which is like a mini fair! This will entail its entire blog post. A quick overview of La Feria entails many handmade clothes shops, unique and different foods that any person can find on the street, live entertainment, games and audience engagement, and the best part is that the people are so friendly and it is free admittance! Stay tuned for a detailed blog on this Barranco Boomin’ destination!


La Feria is all about local support for local business owners with a positive and with an energetic attitude! 

It does not matter where you go, you will find unique places to sit, eat, drink, or simply enjoy the vibrant atmosphere of this district! Below Oriana and I found a train car restaurant where we are trying some Peruvian Beers! Which do you prefer: Crystal or Cusqueña?


Inside the train car restaurant with our Peruvian beers – A unique experience!

Here is another picture of the train car itself.

Decent prices for those on a budget, but it also offers high quality tasty meals! 

It does not matter where you are in Barranco, there is always something new that you will encounter when you return, making each and every visit fun and unique.

Every turn there is some type of art creatively displayed on the walls. This is one of the major attraction points as it makes a long walk enjoyable wherever you find yourself in the district.


There is always a unique piece of art waiting for you
Why not taking a walk down the street in search of great tasting food?


Let’s go down to the ocean to refresh on a hot day from wandering around all day. If you continue down the path of art, you will slowly be met by the refreshing salty sea breeze.


As you continue going down, more beautiful views encroach your adventurous spirt.

Keep going….

Looking back at what we just climbed down

Keep going….

This is the final stretch – you walk down here and follow a bridge to lead you to the ocean – wow what a view! 

On this final stretch, there are vendors selling hand-crafted items, jewelry, pipes, and everything else in the touristy book. Many of the locals offer you drugs, but it is best to smile, appreciate the offer, and move on!

Next is to climb down to the ocean! This is a scenic area with more graffiti and views of the coast.

Here it is! You can now taste the salty breeze on your tongue! It truly is a refreshing experience after walking around in the blistering heat all day.

Finally! We make it down to the water. You will notice as soon as you get down, the beaches are incredibly rocky. Lima lacks a lot of sandy beaches, and because of this you must go farther North in Peru, or farther South. However, you can still find sandy beaches, but they are polluted with trash, and they are not as nice. Either way, it is not a terrible place to go for a swim and put your feet in the sand and relax!

Peruvians and probably other tourists enjoying their time at the beach

Even though there is a lot of trash littered on the beach, this is a nice escape from the chaotic and zooming traffic from up above. I will have to return to this beach and pick up some trash, because with just a little effort, we can make a difference! Take care of where you live! There is value to all parts of the land.

Whether you are staying in Lima for a few days, or a week, visiting Barranco is a must if you are into trying good foods, experiencing something different, and being wrapped into the artsy culture that surrounds you on every block. Check out this Venezuelan group jamming to some Tambor music!

Thanks for reading and leave a comment or question below!

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2 thoughts on “What is there to do in Boomin’ Barranco District? Check out these photos!

    1. Yes, and remember the photos just do not give the justice that they deserve in real life. South America is something truly unique, especially with every subculture and the diversity of foods, people, and landscape! I really hope you get a chance to visit. There is so much to off outside of Lima as well. 😁


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