A Side Trip to Huaraz – Prepost!

I am coming at you with great news!

( Featured photo retrieved from: http://www.lcperu.pe/en/destinations/huaraz )

Finally I can say after four months I am taking a trip outside of the city! My buddy Isaac and I will be traveling to Huaraz this coming week! Click here to see what trips that are being planned in Peru in a previous post. We purchased some bus tickets about 8ish hours north of Lima. I am so ready to experience something new and something completely different than the city of Lima. Huaraz lies within the district of Ancash, where a rocky and mountainous region awaits us with crystal clear and frigid lagoons waiting for our morning dips to fill us with life! As I have been told Peru has many subcultures (like the US) within its country, I am eager to have this opportunity to experience a new culture outside of the big city.  We have a list of places that we would like to hike, explore and see, but I will hold that for the post experience blog post. Here is the loosely created list of things we are going to do:

  1. Take the bus to Huaraz
  2. Check into our hostel – a room of four people
  3. Hike
  4. Swim – In freezing waters
  5. Hike
  6. Repeat
  7. Reflect

As stated in many other posts, living in the city is draining from all of the chaos within the city, mostly stemming from the traffic and the busy people surround you on a daily basis. One of our roommates from Canada has also mentioned that it is a tiring city. For these reasons, this trip will be incredibly healing in a sense of energy. The eagerness that is encroaching more and more to be surrounded by nature and the environment is unreal. It has been four months without a natural forest, without a natural landscape (other than the ocean), and out of my comfort zone.

We will be staying for a week, which I believe will be plenty of time to hike to our heart’s content while recharging. I am sure there will be new life lessons along the way, new appreciations, and great memories to be made. Come back next week to learn about the benefits of traveling, followed by our experiences in Huaraz, with pictures, lessons, and new memories! Do you have any favorite hikes in Huaraz? If you do leave them in the comments or email me your suggestions!


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