Time to leave Peru – The next destination

Hello everyone!

I just got back from my trip to Huaraz in Peru, which is located 7-9 hours (depends on traffic) north of Lima. I will be creating blog posts, sharing my stories, sharing advice, and sharing the beautiful pictures like featured in this blog, but today I have some incredibly special news to share with you!

So today I have some wonderful and exciting news. My passport visa will be ending in mid July, so I will legally have to leave the country for a hot moment. Although I have not thoroughly and fully explored Peru to my heart’s desire, I must leave for a moment, while I explore another country for a month. As I shared with many whom are close to me, I had a few options. These options were the following: heading back to the United States, Colombia, Chile, or Argentina. Well, many of these options had heir advantages and disadvantages with the time of the year, finances, and safety, but I finally narrowed it down. Most of these places are safe as long as you do your homework before you go. So safety is not a huge factor for these destinations. Next we have finances. The ticket to the USA cost the most, and I am not ready to spend that kind of money without making the proper amount in Lima. With some other research and planning, I made the final conclusion to visit………. CHILE AND ARGENTINA!  

Yes! I bought a plane ticket for a great price round way. The plan is very lose, but I will be flying to Santiago de Chile to start my adventure solo. This will be my first solo trip to a different country.

If you look at my previous post of getting out of the comfort zone, this is it man.. this is it!

I will be spending a whole month on my own in Chile, and in Argentina with a roughly sketched itinerary in each country. Now, before I get into the itinerary, you may be wondering why Oriana and I are not going together. Quick explanation below:

Oriana is one of the most wonderful individuals I have ever met on this planet, and

Mi Amorcita Negrita

has been encouraging me to do something like this for such a long time. She is incredibly selfless and understanding. I have always wanted to backpack through Thailand, and sometimes she has felt that she took that away from me (which is not true). She showed me a different culture and landscape that I have fallen in love with, which beats our Asia for now.  She has opened my eyes to the world in more ways than I can count and express, so I want you all to know we are totally okay, and she is just that great of a human being for encouraging me to do something like this, even with the current situation with her country politically and financially (Click here to learn about Venezuela). So when you read this, thank you again mi amor, I want the world to know how great you are!

Arriving in Chile

I will first arrive by plane to Santiago de Chile, the capital. Now, this city is not the most glorious of them all (is what I have heard). This area is a mostly for people to stop after traveling to connect for flights, or rest for a few days between trips. However, I will take advantage of the surreal mountainous landscaped city and see what it has to offer firsthand.

Also, there is a city of Valparaiso only about an hour and a half away in which I would love to take a day trip or a two day trip to that famous port city, which is also considered the art capital of the country. Pictures online reminded me of Barranco in Peru (pictured below is Barranco, Peru).


So the goal is to spend a few days, 5 days max in Chile, and then to take a bus from Santiago de Chile into the Andes mountains to Mendoza, Argentina. This is roughly an 8 to 9 hour bus ride, but is most famous for the scenic and “too-good-to-miss” views as you slowly ascend to the top of the mountain range. There is a potential problem with the buses during this time of year in July. The buses are either delayed or canceled due to weather conditions. In July, it is winter down in South America, so that may put me off a day or two, but not to worry, my schedule will be very flexible. Worst case scenario – I fly to Argentina

Mendoza, Argentina – Here are some activities and things to do when arriving:

  • Las lenas – Ski Resort
  • Wine tours
  • Renting a bike and and visiting vineyards (not safe lol)
  • Visit Plaza Independencia
  • Cerro de Gloria
  • Aconcagua – Parque Provincial

One of the main reasons I chose to visit Chile and Argentina is that the natural landscapes here are stunning and unforgettable. For this reason, I want to escape the city (mostly) and be surrounded by beautiful snow capped mountains. Living in Lima I am not exposed to much nature, and Argentina provides much more of that in various regions. After spending a sufficient amount of time “recharging” my energy in Mendoza there are many other places to visit.

I have a few friends that I am hoping to visit in other parts of Argentina as well, near the capital district of Buenos Aires. Other areas to visit are Cordoba, Rosario, Patagonia (not in July brrr cold) and Buenos Aires.

These plans are incredibly loose, and I want to have a loose structure to travel with so I can stay on pace with certain places and have something to do, yet be flexible with new encounters, new places, and new people that I meet and find! I experienced this in Huaraz and planned my trip accordingly the day before without stressing.

I am planning on couch surfing with locals for a cheap/free place to stay, while having somebody share their secrets of their unique and beautiful town, city, or village. I also will be getting experience with hostels, something I never really have used before. ***My first Hostel was in Huaraz and it was a great experience***

Thanks for checkin’ in with the life update from South America!! Time to put some more stamps on that passport!! Any advice, tips, suggestions about where to go, please let me know! Also, leave a comment or a question!


Worldwide Chris

Following posts will be sharing my adventures in Huaraz with Laguna 69, Llacanuco, Churup, Hostel review of NERY Lodging, Bus review on Oltursa vs Cruz del Sur, and more! Stay tuned! Have any questions or requests about a topic – let me know! Thanks!



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