Next stop – CHILE and ARGENTINA – Vamos mis pibes y cabros!

It is TIME!

By the time you are reading this, I will be in Santiago de Chile, Chile, or at least in transit by plane! I am going to spend a few days in Santiago before I depart for my trip in Argentina. This is FINALLY happening! I have so many emotions and feelings going on right now, it is incredible. I hope to do some snowboarding, drinking the finest wine, meeting great people, and finally being able to live one of my dreams – backpack through South America.

I bought a new jacket as it will be kind of chilly down there – as I do not really have a winterized jacket for the snow, but I  am feeling confident with my gear. I am packing pretty light in my opinion. This is what I am bringing:

6 pairs of boxers

3 pairs of socks

3 shirts

3 pants – Pair of hiking pants, sweat pants, and casual cargo/khakis

1 sweatshirt

1 long sleeve shirt

A winter hat and my regular hat for the sun

My shaving kit/comb/other cosmetics


and…yeah that is basically it. I brought some toilet paper, a laundry bag, an extra battery, a notebook and a pen to write, my headphones, and my thermos. I am packing pretty light, and in fact it is significantly less than when I went to Huaraz. That trip was ridiculous when it came to my backpack and everything I brought.

So while I am away, I will not have my laptop, and my blog posts will still continue every Saturday at 12:30pm Lima Time? Until I get back. So I will build my content while I am traveling.

While in Argentina I hope to visit these areas:

  1. Mendoza
  2. Cordoba
  3. Buenos Aires
  4. Patagonia (maybe)
  5. Iguazu Falls
  6. Anywhere else life takes me

I have been so fortunate to know so many people down here already who are taking care of me already. Shout out to you guys!


Peace out Lima! See you in August! Find me on Instagram, I will keep posting on their while I am away @worldwidechristopher

Until then, enjoy the posts every Saturday!

If you have any recommendations or would like to host me, reach out!


Worldwide Chris


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An adventurous soul who takes life by the horns, who isn't afraid to fail, and who learns from his failures. I studied Environmental Sciences at University of Wisconsin Oshkosh with a Spanish minor. I posses a burning passion for the Hispanic culture. The outdoors is where you will find me. If I am not outdoors, I am either writing, reading, running or studying something always pushing myself to learn. Connecting with others is something I enjoy very much through social and community engagement and life coaching. I want to be a part of something bigger than myself. Cheers!

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