Cruz del Sur vs Oltursa Review

We are back with a review between two bus companies! These two are both well known in Peru and are both used quite frequently. Let’s talk about the quality and services of each one. On the way to Huaraz I used Cruz del Sur and on the return I used Oltursa. Let’s get into it!

Cruz del Sur

This company was impressive for the services ans everything it had to offer. I walked up to the second floor deck and was in awe. I may be easy to impress, but on the seat there was a pillow and blanket.

Next, the semicama bed reclined almost 180 degrees. It was beautiful. I did not choose to sleep at all because I was in awe from the change of landscape from Lima to Huaraz. Anyway. Here is what they had to offer:


1.reclining seats

2.a tablet with games and movies of your choice along with their headphones. This tablet was the MAIN highlight.

3. The food was GREAT. I had a chicken pasta dish, with vegetabels, a corn bread, a dessert, and a candy with a coffee and a coke. The food was excellent and actually quite filling – and I eat a lot.

4. The customer service was genuinely great.

5. I felt safe and secure on the trip.

6. Timely and arrived quickly

7.The food tray was attached to the seat for easy storage and versatility.


1.There were no phone charger outlets.

2.Can be more pricey – but still incredibly economical – I bought mine for 35 soles. less than 10 dollars.

Overall, I would recommend this company hands down. Now let’s compare to Oltursa.


Oltursa was great as well. I bought the top floor window seat to see the best views as possible which was definitely worth it. Let’s talk about the benefits and lack of benefits of this company.


1. The semi-cama reclining chair was very comfy with the same recliners and feet rest as Cruz del Sul.

2.Movie was playing from the start of the trip to the end. We watched six movies from Huaraz to Lima

3.The food was pretty good! It was not the best, but it was food nonetheless

4.I had a great window seat in the front!

5.The staff were semi friendly but not as friendly as Cruz del Sur

6. Economically friendly for the cost of the ticket in advance but high in price last minute (like most things)



1.There were no outlets for your phone charging.

2.The food could have been better – not a ton of taste

3.No tablet, only a couple screens for the movies.

4.There were no pillow, just a rough feeling blanket (but doable)

5.The staff was not as friendly, but not terrible



This compnay wins my vote for the comparrison of these two. They overall treat their customers better with the quality of service and their products within their service. Hands down loved Cruz del Sur. Would prefer them so far over any company.

What questions do you have? Have you tried a better company, or have you had different types of experiences with them? Let me know!

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