Laguna, Churup – Is it worth it?

Our last full day we were exhausted! I remember going to bed wanting to sleep the following day away. However we were in Huaraz and we have to keep hiking because we would regret it! We decided to finish the week in Huaraz at Churup! Man, this hike was insane. Check out some pics and you let me know if I think it was worth it.

Looking over the city of Huaraz down below

The mountain itself is really close to the city of Huaraz. However the drive there takes roughly an hour and a half due to its rough journey up some pretty narrow and steep entry ways through some local villages.

We had one day left on our national park pass. We gave it to the ranger, and we started or long 3 to 4 hour hike.

Straight away the mountain is demanding. The steepness was much more strenuous than Laguna 69, yet the altitude was just a bit lower. I thought it was a few hundred meters in difference but I was wrong. Seen below is 4.450m for Laguna Churup and Laguna 69 is 4,500m.

The strenuous hike forced us to take frequent breaks. I did not mind too much as the hike provides amazing views of the city, other mountain ranges dipped in snow and the mountain that we were climbing itself.

This hike provides a few extra challenges than our previous hikes did not. Some of the steeper areas of the hike provided rope to help give you support to pull yourself up. The first section is not too bad and you can climb without the rope. However inexperienced climbers should use the second set of ropes to help gain support and safety while you are climbing up and of course down.

Once you make it to the top, you are surrounded by a bluish green lagoon that is just so pure and magical. There is one big mountain peak (Churup) and its snow capped and magnificent towering over everything else surrounding you.


We found a nice big boulder, sat down, and ate lunch. We sat there for two hourzs taking in the views and enjoying our lunch. The water was frigid. I thought about going for a swim, but brought no extra clothes.


Our bus was to depart from the mountain at 2:30, so we decided to head back down at around noon. It only took us an hour and a half to get down. The way down was so much easier, but be careful if you have bad knees because it can be strenuous on them as well.


It is important to leave at the time from 6am to 8am from Huaraz to the national park from the gas station (grifo) near Raymondi. When you come back, make sure not to miss your buss or you will have to walk or spend a night there. The bus driver will tell you what time they will wait for you.


There ya have it!

A fantastic day hike and it is definitely a tough one, but VERY worth the hike and work. As always any questions or comments, let me know!


Worldwide Chris


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