Nery Lodge review in Huaraz, Peru

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Today I am bringing you a review on the cute little hostel we stayed at in Huaraz. We stayed at the Nery Lodge, which resides in the western side of the city next to the river. The price was economically friendly. had breakfast, friendly staff, and located in a nice area!


Isaac and I stayed on the third floor with a room with 5 beds. We were the only ones in the room for the whole week whcih was bittersweet as I wanted to meet some new people, but having our privacy was great too! We ended up making the other beds our shelves essentially for our clothes, food, and random belongings.



Every morning we went down to the kitchen and had some rolls with butter or rolls with jelly accompanied by the owner Nery and some coffee. It was not the best breakfast in the world, but hey you could eat 3 or 5 or 10 rolls if you wanted to. Also, if you want to cook, they allow you to use their kitchen, and the roof kitchen which is really cute. If you are looking for a big full breakfast, this is not the place.

The roof was one of my favorite places to relax. We ate breakfast, lunch and sometimes dinner up there. There are tables and open views of the mountain ranges that surround the hostel. Isaac and I played cards up there when we needed some time to relax. We relaxed so much we had to run to our bus on our last day, because we lost track of time!


The price

The price of the lodge was incredibly economic! It was roughly 10 soles per day. We ended up spending about 120 soles a person for the week! That is about $40 dollars to stay at a decent place for a whole week! Honestly, you cannot get much better that that if you are looking for budget hotels/hostels. Think about that, only 40 bucks to lay your head down in a gorgeous place.


The hostel is only located three or four blocks away from the main street that runs next to Plaza de Armas and all of the restaurants. When we were looking for the hostel, it looked pretty sketchy, but do not be fooled. Huaraz just has a different appearance than Lima, or other place and it is safe. However, still take care of your belongings.


The Customer Service – Staff

10/10 for customer service. They helped us do everything that we wanted and needed. Our day in, they gave us a book of activities, mountains, transportation routes and everything we needed for our first day. We ended up taking a small tour from them which I am assuming they got some type of compensation for recommending us. However, they did not just sell us goods. They lent us olive oil, their pots and pans, gave us information about particular questions, and so much more. Coming from Lima, the people do not like to have conversations too often, and here was just the opposite. All they want to do is talk, and genuinely get to know you. It was a beautiful change from Lima.

She was super nice!! and look at the creepy dude in the background! 

Overall if we are rating this by other hostels. This is probably a 3/10 hostel.

No it does not have the best breakfast.

No it does not have the comfiest beds, or the hottest water, or anything suuuuper nice.

However, for me I would rank this 8/10 for my standards. If you are looking for a budget, and nice people without everything else that requires a ton of money, this is definitely the place to go! Nery Lodging, check it out!


Have any questions? Drop a comment or something!


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