Back in Peru – Post Travels in Chile and Argentina

Che! I am back!

I cannot believe that whole trip went by that fast! It just felt like yesterday I bought my ticket to Santiago, Chile and then had two months to anxiously plan my first solo trip. Before I knew it, I boarded a plane, got scammed by a taxi driver, crossed the Andes mountains and found myself in Buenos Aires with pit stops along the way! I made my way across Chile and Argentina through buses, planes while staying at hostels, friend’s houses, and couch surfing. From learning how to cook particular dishes, from eating at nice restaurants experiencing gourmet native dishes, to also saving a ton of money by eating tuna tomato sandwiches. This trip provided me with life lessons around every corner. Not only life lessons, but lessons on how to be a better person, how to save money while traveling, the benefits of traveling solo, and so much more! This 5 week trip was full of UNFORGETTABLE memories with UNFORGETTABLE people who made it all the worth while. So here is just a little bit of what I did without any crazy details!

  • I arrived in Santiago, Chile and stayed for one week with complications (explained later in depth in the next blog).
Skiing in Chile 
  • I took a bus from Santiago, Chile through the Andes mountains to Mendoza, Argentina.
One of the many photos between Santiago and Mendoza
  • I took a bus from Mendoza, Argentina to Cordoba, Argentina which is full of beautiful little towns that I will talk about later.
Mendoza, Argentina 
  • I then took a plane from Cordoba, Argentina to Puerto Iguazu, Argentina.
Pueblo – Carlos Paz
  • After, I took a 23 hour bus ride from Puerto Iguazu, Argentina to Buenos Aires, Argentina.
Cataratas de Iguazu 
  • Lastly, I went to visit a family friend in two small little towns in Olavarria and Azul south of Buenos Aires
Buenos Aires 
  • Began my journey home.
Olavarria south of Buenos Aires

This is such a “rough” outline of what happened in the last 5 weeks. I am incredibly happy, and incredibly grateful that I had these experiences. The 5 weeks went incredibly fast. However, the 5 weeks have given me enough space to feel better in Lima again, because living in a city can be draining.

Pesos Aregentinos 

It is good to be back I suppose, but I am ready to change up my routine. I am ready to bring in a new source of income. I am ready for a new way of life. I have been investing my time into some new strategies into changing my lifestyle up. This trip has helped me realize how much I love living on the road and experiencing other lifestyles, foods, cultures, and people.  Until the next trip, I will be residing in Lima with lots of work to do, and TONS of content to write and share with you all!

Instead of every Saturday, I would like to bump up the blog posts to two-a-week now! So, keep up with the posts, because I have some rich and crazy stories to share with you!

Other news-

Some extra news, I am working on a new layout of the web page including a whole page dedicated to Venezuela, a revamp on the photo gallery, and in the future, a page dedicated with a new exciting feature!


Worldwide Chris

Argentinan, Mexican, Colombian, Gringo – at the top of our hike – buena onda

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