Couch Surfing in Mendoza, Argentina – Gone Wrong

My FIRST time using couch surfing didn’t go the way I planned!

So, I decided to try something new, maybe learn a little bit more, and meet a local while saving some money as well. I contacted him in Chile, he accepted my request, and when I left for Mendoza, I felt very secure and safe about it. When I arrived in the bus terminal 9 hours later, I contacted him again that I had arrived. He gave me his address to his house, and I took a taxi. I had arrived.


Everything seemed well when I met him. Although the first red-flag was this: I entered his apartment and one bed, and an extra bed frame with no mattress. I also saw no couch, but I thought to myself no worries. I am sure he has an idea for me, like the floor or something.


The man who was 29 or 30 I think, gave me a small night tour around the city, we ate empanadas and had a beer, and he mentioned after one glass he was feeling a little tipsy. That was the first comment that sounded “flirty” to me. At this moment I was starting to receive hints of him being gay. ***I SUPPORT GAYS 100 PERCENT***

When we arrived back his place at around 11pm, he invited a friend over. His friend was tall, curly hair and extremely awkward. He was nice, but just kind of awkward. We finally broke the awkward moments in the room when we started talking about famous Argentinian music. The next part was a little strange.


They noticed I was sleepy from my travels, and while we were drinking wine, they both kept urging me to go fall asleep on the bed, but I did not feel comfortable at this time with his friend there and only having one bed. So I politely declined, and with time, my host finally said that he was going to take a taxi back with his friend -which I did not understand why. *** Another weird thing – He took his portable wifi with him leaving me with NO SERVICE AND NO WIFI. 

There I sat waiting for my host’s return without any internet, service, and clueless of what is happening.

-20 minutes or so later-

My host returned, we drank another glass of wine, and we decided to get ready for bed -this is where it gets really weird.

So, he tells me that he has no place for me to sleep, BUT I can share his [small] bed. Well, like I stated before, I am not against gay people, but I really do not feel comfortable sharing a bed with a stranger. Maybe with a gay friend, but I just met this dude. Anyway, so I came up with an excuse that I move around a lot in my sleep and swing my arms constantly so I did not want to hit him. I asked if I could have a blanket and sleep on the floor.


He took a few a seconds for my words to process with him. He became furious with me for refusing his offer of sleeping in his bed. I became quite anxious of the situation and did not expect anything like it. He told me that he did not want to be a bad host, and that he INSISTED that I sleep with him in his bed. I told him no repeatedly, and asked for a blanket. With time, he finally gave me a blanket and I slept on the cold floor, but I would rather sleep on the floor any day rather than a stranger.

After laying on the ground for maybe 10 minutes, he asked me, “Why are you furious with me”? I told him that I did not feel comfortable and was not upset with him (incredibly uncomfortable). To be honest, I was a little afraid to fall asleep that night, but thankfully nothing happened.


I woke up normally with everything intact (lol). He told me I could shower, and then we would eat. I showered, and it was strange, the area was incredibly open, which was a little uncomfortable, but it was whatever, it his place and he is offering me his place -so I thought more positively and gratefully (also because it is free).

We started the morning buying breakfast, which were some Mendoza cookies and breads. He took me to the big San Martin Park with some beautiful areas. He introduced me to Mate,20180721_111110_HDR a famous infusion of yerba (not marijuana) and hot water. It is a very bitter drink, but I loved it. I will write a separate blog about Mate alone. The most comparable drink is like a special tea without a teabag, and a straw that filters out the material. It was a really relaxing morning, and I enjoyed it a lot as the sun was shining over the man-made lake and a cool breeze was coming in.


Later, we went around the city and we climbed Cerro de la Gloria. We had a good time climbing, chatting, and me learning about his city. On top of the Cerro is a large monument of San Martin. San Martin is a famous figure who helped liberate many of the South American countries – although there is some controversy on this. Also on the top are beautiful views of smaller mountain ranges around the city. You can see some vineyards, little towns, a little poverty, and land land land. Many people climb this and drink mate with their family and watch the sunset. We slowly climbed down, and watched the sunset. This is where it got weird again.

He was taking pictures of me, and he kept commenting on my legs. He continued telling me that my legs were so sexy. Although I am flattered that someone likes my legs, I didn’t receive the comments well. I was quite uncomfortable, and told him that was enough of pictures.

When we returned home, he THEN tells me I can have his SECOND mattress to use on my bed frame. So I place the mattress on my bed frame a little peeved that I did not have this mattress the day before. While I was laying in my new comfy bed, he kept telling me not to look so sexy and the way I did, or he would have to come and join me in my bed. Wooh, that was really really uncomfortable and I made the decision the next day, I would leave without a doubt.


He told me he had to work the next day, so I could explore the city by myself with his keys to his apartment. That was fine by me, so at this moment I decided against my previous decision and stay as long as I could since he had to work. No host, no problems…right?


Day 3

The day started roughly at 5am. He woke up to get ready, and I was awake from his alarm. When he finally was ready to leave his apartment, he approached me. Out of respect, I reached my arm out to shake his hand.

This. Is. The. Turning. Point. 

He grabs my hand, and he pulls me in for a KISS. Argentinians kiss once and sometimes twice on the cheek men and women, but the thing is, he was trying for my lips. I quickly turned my head and he planted a fat one on my cheek. I think he tried this move because I was still groggy from sleeping. I was a deer in headlights. I did not know how to respond, or what I should do. I just sat there. He said goodbye, blew me another kiss, and he left. I waited for five minutes, made sure he was out of sight, and I packed my stuff and left. ME FUI!

The thing is, I still had his keys. I did not have the audacity to leave them in his apartment with his apartment open, but I still had to give them back.

I told him I left for good, and he was sad and upset. He wanted me to return his keys at his apartment at night. I told him absolutely not. We ended up meeting in a public park to…do the exchange haha. I gave him the keys, and no worries. I found a hostel that night and everything was great.


He then continued texting me to see if I was staying with another couch surfer or a hostel. I told him it wasn’t his problem..He persisted, I ignored. Things were fine.

Until 5 days later……

Day 8 – the final day in Mendoza 

I was leaving for the bus terminal via taxi, when he was standing there in front of the hostel!!!!! He found me and the hostel!! Thank GOD I was leaving! Woooooh. He was paying for everything, and would not accept any type of payment or offering from me, which worried me. I have a big feeling he wanted something else from me in return for his “nice” hospitality.


I left him a terrible review, and he denied it. He told me that I was the one coming onto him. If you stay in Mendoza via couch surfing, please message me and I will tell you who he is to avoid him. But I am leaving his name out of this post, because I do not know if I am legally able to say anything bad about him. Either way, be careful out there, and I know that many people have had wonderful experiences with Couch Surfing, and I still want to keep trying with Couch Surfing, because it honestly is a wonderful traveling app.

Either way, I had a great time in Mendoza despite this experience.

next post will be all about what I did and how my experiences were in a fun and positive manner. Check it out next time about the best things to do in Mendoza, especially in the off season!

Thanks for checking in!


Worldwide Chris


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