A Week in Córdoba – A Week to Remember

Welcome to the adventure of Córdoba! Initially I did this place wrong, but by the end of my week I learned how to visit this city accordingly, and I want to share the beautiful places I went here. Perhaps you would like to visit this beautiful area of Argentina. In these experiences, I found myself meeting new friends from Colombia, Mexico, Argentina, Parauay, and from the UK, running into trouble at my hostels, exploring some of the Boliches (clubs) and trying Fernett (an famous drink). Cordoba is a district of Argentina that you could easily spend weeks on end exploring the whole place and never seeing it all. I stayed in the capital of this district in Cordoba, Cordoba. This is the base camp to all of your adventures in this next adventure to explore all of the Pueblitos (little towns) around the capital!


I arrived in Córdoba from Mendoza by bus. To be honest, the 10 hour bus trip was pretty boring. The trip consisted of flat lands covered in the monotonous desert looking vegetation. Beautiful to be honest, but boring. But when I left the city to check out the Pueblos, it gave Córdoba the charm I was looking for in Argentina with so much natural beauty. But we will get there.


The city capital is pretty small in compared to Santiago, Buenos Aires, and Lima, but its a nice little city. While I was there, there was a lot of construction and public areas being revamped and revitalized.


I stayed at the Alvear hostel, where I shared a room with about 15 break dancing dudes. As soon as I realized I was the only one that was not in their group, I knew I was going to have a little trouble. Later that week, I did some laundry and was hanging my shirts up on my bed. I came back one night, and they stole all of my shirts. To make it worse, I had already been wearing the same shirt for 4 days prior, so I was a little stinky wearing the same old shirt. So I had to go shop for some new ones. The best part about buying new “t-shirts” in Argentina during their winter is they practically do not exist! I had to buy cheap Jerseys instead, because I overheat with longer shirts. I haggled a bit and got a reasonable Argentina Jersey and a Barcelona Jersey!

The hostel itself was pretty nice. It had a nice roof space where I drank my mate, ate cookies, and enjoyed a few of my mornings. The kitchen was quite small and rather limited, but I managed and that is all that really matters. The breakfasts were pretty good, but were not filling. The breakfasts was eggs, toast, and coffee. It was enough to keep me from being hangry, so I cannot complain. The lobby was nice with plenty of chairs, tvs, and bean bags. Lastly, the hostel staff was incredibly nice.

What to do in the city

  1. Boliches (clubs)
  2. Public Parks
  3. Plaza San Martin
  4. Plaza de Centenario
  5. Parque Sarmiento
  6. Look at all of the Cathedeals
  7. Go to the hundreds of museums!
  8. Check out the small little river – Rio suquia
  9. Check out the local markets and fairs


What is a MUST in Córdoba – Places to visit outside the city – PUEBLOS

  1. La cumbre
  2. Villa Carlos Paz
  3. La Cumbrecita
  4. La Falda
  5. Cosquin
  6. Huerta Grande
  7. Achias
  8. more pueblos
  9. more pueblos


The list goes on and on. Unfortunately I only got to vist Villa Carlos Paz, because I became really sick during my stay. So, I rested and took it easy. However, I shared and exchanged stories with friends that I met at the hostel in Córdoba and the locals who expressed their great recommendation to these Pueblos! There are also more pueblos and you can literally spend weeks upon weeks here.

If you LOVE nature, mountains, rivers, waterfalls, great people, great food, and interesting history, then you HAVE to check out these little pueblos. They are full of everything you are looking for. As stated 100 times, you can literally spend weeks here.


Hope you get a chance to get out there!


Worldwide Chris



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