Days Before Departure – DR

Good morning my friends!

We are coming down to days until leaving the country! That is right! Days! Here is something new that you may or may not have heard. I will be stopping in the DOMINICAN REPUBLIC before I head out for Colombia! Those are all the details for now. I will share some more of my trip to come.

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I am absolutely ready to go! I finished my banking issues, quit my job, have some money saved, have a new job lined up, have some back up English teaching jobs on the back burner in case other plans fall through. I am mentally ready (I think lol). But, I want to share a little something with you about the reverse culture shock. As stated in previous posts, it is real. Now, it is getting reversed again! Let me explain.

Culture Shock and Reverse Reverse Culture Shock

After three months in the United States, I have been definitely getting comfortable. I wake up, drink coffee, read and write, play FIFA, work on my book, hang out with friends and little side things like sailing with my dad. Life has been great here. That being said, I am almost getting used to it, so mentally preparing myself to go back hasn’t been as easy as the first time when I visited the US in December. That time, I only spent a month here, so the reverse effect wasn’t as intense. But, no worries, I still want to go back it is just taking a little more effort to mentally prepare my mind and get back into that style of living.

I have my suitcase and backpack packed. I have seen the majority of my friends here that I wanted to see. Shout out to you Anthony, it didn’t work out this time bro. Love you!


What am I looking forward to?

  • Dancing

I am getting really excited to get back into the dance culture. I have been dying to go out every weekend here in the states, but it is a little more limited in where you can dance. So, that is going to be one of the first things I will do after buying a new SIM card for my cell phone.

  • Running

Those who know me know I like to run. I am getting excited about running on the coast of Cartagena. I really miss the water. I used to run on the coast of Lima all of the time near the bluffs and the beaches. I had my own route that I used to do for 6-10-12 mile runs. I already found an application that helped me map out my runs in Cartagena as well, which will be nice. I found a nice 10 mile loop that I can do which will help me for a potential MARATHON (pending work and training) in December! No promises, but I would love to end the year with a 26.2 mile run and check that off something I have always wanted to do!


  • Food

Colombian food as well is getting at me. I am ready to eat some good old greasy Colombia Arepas. I know my Venezuelan friends beg to differ on that topic, but I think they will be just as tasty. I swear the food here in the states give me headaches, and honestly it just doesn’t taste as good.


  • Boxing

Something that I want to get into in Colombia as well for the health aspect is kick boxing. I would love to make that into my daily/weekly routine for a release and a good stabilizer. I found that working out at the gym or running really helped ground me when I was back in Peru. So, I will be exploring my options there.

  • The Language

Lastly, speaking Spanish again full time will be great!!! I have been practicing and using it at home with friends on WhatsApp, but I have been losing particular accents and vocabulary, which quite frankly is probably my own fault because I could be doing so much more. I have been watching Bolivar on Netflix, writing in a Spanish notebook, and reading a Spanish book out loud to practice pronunciation.

That just about sums it all up for now. I haven’t made a post about the new internship that I am making or the new destination I am going to, but those will be following soon! After all, I will be spending many many hours in airports so I will have plenty of time to write up these posts.


Wrapping up, my experience in the States has been great. I spent a ton of time with family camping, sailing, eating, and other things while also enjoying the company of many friends, seeing many weddings and enjoying American amenities. Some of these people I haven’t seen for literally 3+ years. So, I am happy with my stay here, but I am so ready to go back and live more adventures! Special shout out to my family who have given me so much! I love them with all my heart! ❤ hope to see you down south!


Worldwide Chris


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