Welcome to Colombia – First Stop – Cartagena

Well guys, I made it! (Also, welcome to my 50th blog post!)


I finally made it to Colombia. I will be staying in an Air Bnb in a location that I will announce later on. I have been enjoying my time here. Today is completing a full two days here. I arrived at like 1 am two nights ago. My Air Bnb is right on the water which is great. I can hear the waves as I write this right now! The food is pretty good so far, but I have actually been cooking the majority of my meals just to save some money as I am not currently making any income at the moment, but not to worry! I have some back up plans.

Anyway, today I walked around for a couple of hours finding a running route. If things go well, I will be running a marathon in Colombia. I think I can do it. I just need to get onto the running part and back to training as it has been about a week and half since I’ve ran due to traveling. Oof, I hope all that fried chicken in the DR didn’t get to me! HAH! okay. So, tomorrow I am going to run and get back on track.

Also, I went to the center of the city in Old Town. It is a beautiful part of the city. I visited the clock tower, the yellow wall, and a few other plazas that I will have to look into. I just kind of arrived and started to wander around haha. Well, nothing happened, saw a beautiful sunset on the wall and on the Caribbean, and it was great. I was a little hungry and didn’t want to spend 20 mil pesos+ (8 dollars ish) on over priced meals when I can pay like 3 or 4 for something very similar. But instead, I found a 1 dollar arepa! It had cheese ham and potatoes.  Estuvo rico! After, it started to get dark, and my roommate invited me out to go out to drink and dance. So, I am just waiting for that to happen in about an hour.


The city looked beautiful at night. I will find more pictures with time as time goes on. Also, a place I really want to explore is Getesmani, I think it is called. For the Peruvians and people who have read my past blogs, it seems to be kind of like the Barranco area. I am excited to see that part.


The beaches! You are probably wondering about the beaches. Well, being alone here. I haven’t really ventured off to go swim by myself at the beach. Nor am I the person to rent an umbrella and do nothing at the beach. For me, I need company at the beach. Sure, I did some walking along the coast, it looks pretty nice. But the beaches that are more spectacular are on the Islands. We will see how things go, and maybe I’ll take a trip to a few.



I am adjusting alright here I believe. Today I felt much more confident with myself and the city as I really didn’t feel any type of danger. When people talk to me or offer me things, I either ignore or smile and say no thanks and that’s that. However, they do like to heckle you a bit more at the beach which can be a tad annoying. Well, I’ll figure it out. 🙂


That is just the current update of what’s going on here. I’ll write soon!

Thanks for reading!


Worldwide Chris

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An adventurous soul who takes life by the horns, who isn't afraid to fail, and who learns from his failures. I studied Environmental Sciences at University of Wisconsin Oshkosh with a Spanish minor. I posses a burning passion for the Hispanic culture. The outdoors is where you will find me. If I am not outdoors, I am either writing, reading, running or studying something always pushing myself to learn. Connecting with others is something I enjoy very much through social and community engagement and life coaching. I want to be a part of something bigger than myself. Cheers!

2 thoughts on “Welcome to Colombia – First Stop – Cartagena

    1. Hey Pam, Thanks! I actually didn’t sign up for it due to health concerns. It is just TOO hot, and my body is not used to the heat. I went from running a half marathon no problem to having issues with running 3 miles (5k) where literally my heart was pumping too hard. So, another day! 🙂

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