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Christopher Schierl

Hello! I am a Life Coach and Bilingual Social Media Specialist living near Appleton, Wisconsin. When I am not managing social media, you can find me traveling and learning about different cultures and languages.

Thanks for dropping in to say hello! Here at WorldwideChris.com I offer a couple different services along with providing you my firsthand experiences living abroad the last few years. I spent the majority of my time in Lima, Peru not only learning the language, but understanding how the different parts of the world work one day a time.

From there, I picked myself up moving to Cartagena and Medellin, Colombia snagging an internship as a Social Media Specialist. Sadly COVID-19 brought me back to the United States for a while as I work as a Bilingual Social Media Specialist furthering my career and professional experience.

I welcome you to explore my site and take advantage of the services that I offer as I am quickly developing this platform to launch my upcoming book coming this summer of 2021. It’s been a few years developing and diving into the world of being an author, but I am finding it to be the utmost rewarding experience through the journey of it all.

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