Next stop – CHILE and ARGENTINA – Vamos mis pibes y cabros!

It is TIME! By the time you are reading this, I will be in Santiago de Chile, Chile, or at least in transit by plane! I am going to spend a few days in Santiago before I depart for my trip in Argentina. This is FINALLY happening! I have so many emotions and feelings going... Continue Reading →


The benefits of traveling

Where to start! So you want to know the benefits of traveling?! What could possibly be so great about traveling long term. Well, let me tell you that traveling is not all about sitting on a beach all day drinking margaritas - but I can do that more often now since the ocean is like... Continue Reading →

The Gringo Grind

Buenas tardes mis amigos! Doing that Gringo Grind on the daily! What is the Gringo Grind? The Gringo Grind is the new way I live life now. This new concept was created by the great Oriana herself with the definition of something close to this: "A privileged white individual moving to another country to basically... Continue Reading →

El Perspectivo Gringo – Venezuela

Hola mis Chamos! Mis Panas! y mis Fanes! Click here for the English post Espero que escriba este blogpost bien. Soy conocido de muchos nombres - El Catire, El Gringo, y estoy seguro que haya mas, pero llamame lo que sea quieran. He querido hacer un blog en espanol por mucho tiempo, pero para mi... Continue Reading →

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