Upcoming Book Launch

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What to Expect?

A few simple ideas in high school turned into something that drastically changed my life completely.

From simple ideas, to becoming a 6 paged college essay, to being shared with organizations and groups of individuals, to a very exciting journey into launching my first published book!

It’s been a three year journey writing this book, but I’m so excited to announce that the end is near! My love and passion for life based off the 5 major ideas in my book has compelled me to share my story in the hopes of changing the lives of others even in the smallest of ways leading to BIG outcomes.

The five ideas in this upcoming book focuses on how to love and accept yourself by implementing different mindset strategies and how to handle different conflicts within life internally by simply looking at your five fingers on your hand.

I simply am overjoyed that the pieces of the puzzle are coming together faster than ever. Get excited, get ready, and let the learning and self development never end my friends!

When to expect it

It’s definitely been a rough ride through this process and I continue to learn about the different steps it takes to publish a book. Just when I think it’s almost over, there’s another step. However, I’m confident that the end is near, and it’s almost time to celebrate (I’ve been celebrating each and every step for the record) and SHARE something that means so dear to me!

I’m shooting for the end of July at the latest, but stay tuned!

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