Days Before Departure – DR

Good morning my friends! We are coming down to days until leaving the country! That is right! Days! Here is something new that you may or may not have heard. I will be stopping in the DOMINICAN REPUBLIC before I head out for Colombia! Those are all the details for now. I will share someContinue reading “Days Before Departure – DR”

UPDATE – Facing challenges living in Peru

So it has already been over a month since I have returned from my 5 week trip in Chile and Argentina, and what a challenge it has been to be back. I feel like I have not updated you all on my Peruvian living situations, because everything has been focused on my last trip. However,Continue reading “UPDATE – Facing challenges living in Peru”

Dangerous Places in Lima – Visit with Caution

Recently someone reached out to me and told me they were visiting Peru in the next year. I jumped for joy at the possible thought of someone coming down to Lima, and maybe seeing a familiar face. They asked me for advice on places not to go for lack of security, criminal activity, and overallContinue reading “Dangerous Places in Lima – Visit with Caution”