Back to Peru Round Two – What’s new?

I am back!! My last post was in October, and there is so much to share between then and now.  My last post was about the culture of the famous Argentina Mate. Well, between then and now. I have done quite a few things. I have visited Ecuador, had issues crossing the boarder, suffered aContinue reading “Back to Peru Round Two – What’s new?”

A Week in Córdoba – A Week to Remember

Welcome to the adventure of Córdoba! Initially I did this place wrong, but by the end of my week I learned how to visit this city accordingly, and I want to share the beautiful places I went here. Perhaps you would like to visit this beautiful area of Argentina. In these experiences, I found myselfContinue reading “A Week in Córdoba – A Week to Remember”

16 Activities I did in Mendoza, Argentina

What could be better than fresh air, wonderful tasting food, cheap accommodation, bike rides through a calm city, and how can I forget to mention. WINE. Mendoza, Argentina home of their wineries and food! Que ricoooo! RERICO. My time in Mendoza was spent walking the city, biking and exploring, doing a little bit of hiking,Continue reading “16 Activities I did in Mendoza, Argentina”