UPDATE – Facing challenges living in Peru

So it has already been over a month since I have returned from my 5 week trip in Chile and Argentina, and what a challenge it has been to be back. I feel like I have not updated you all on my Peruvian living situations, because everything has been focused on my last trip. However,Continue reading “UPDATE – Facing challenges living in Peru”

Taking a bus from Santiago to Mendoza – Conflicts, Views, and Tips!

When I travel, I always have some type of “plan”, but I always know things happen to get in the way of the “plan” so I am always ready to be flexible with what happens. I read up a lot on if it was worth buying a bus ticket from Santiago de Chile to Mendoza,Continue reading “Taking a bus from Santiago to Mendoza – Conflicts, Views, and Tips!”

5 reasons why I loved Santiago de Chile!

Has somebody ever told you not to do something because something is boring, not fun, not worth it or something along those lines, and then you do it and it was the best decision ever? That is how I feel about the city of Santiago in Chile. I originally was only planning on going toContinue reading “5 reasons why I loved Santiago de Chile!”