Donations for Venezuela

Thanks for visiting the donation page for Venezuela.

If you are curious about the current situation, please check out this blog post for more information on exactly what is going on.

Further information:

The family of Oriana still resides in Venezuela struggling to eat and survive every day. Her family is still trying to help their son get an education in hopes to give him a better chance to live throughout his entire life. Oriana’s mother is in need of a surgery for her kidneys, and they are in need of medicine as well. Oriana and her family hold a special place in my heart. They are the sweetest and most positive people that I have met depsite all of the negativity in their life, they still remain smiling, laughing, and more or less happy. However, they are also struggling more than meets the eye.

Oriana has been away from her family for almost a year and half now, and she is doing everything she can to make money and send it to Venezuela to help them. She is also doing this trying to make a life and survive on her own in Peru.

So if you would like to help, we would appreciate anything. With inflation over 1,000%, 1 dollar goes a long way. Thank you in advance.

These are three major items and basic needs that are in MAJOR need in Venezuela.



2.Soap and tooth paste 


Finding food can be a challenge, and when there is food, it is expensive. Soap and toothpaste are incredibly expensive after finally purchasing food, and lastly medicine is almost impossible to come across with the remainder of money if it is available.

Any donation will be sent to families connected to Oriana and I that reside in the country of Venezuela. If you want more details on family names, pictures, receipts, or their personal story, I would love to share what you are doing to help with you and show you the impact you are creating.

Thank you so much for any donation or even just reading.

The donations are listed below:


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