What the heck are we doing now?! – Jobs! Jobs! Jobs! – Life in Lima

Happy Wednesday Afternoon and Happy Valentines Day! ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

Welcome welcome welcome! Oriana and I have great news for you all today! We would like to announce that we both found jobs in Peru! We both are going to be ENGLISH TEACHERS! We already went to our first teacher’s meeting discussing..well teacher stuff. We will be teaching English to business professionals which is something I never expected myself doing! This should be interesting!

About Our New Jobs! (Company will not be named for now)

There are definitely some pros and cons to this position, however we will stick to mostly the pros! So from what we have gathered and our first teacher’s meeting, this experience is going to be a blast! We will be meeting with local Peruvian business executives and working one on one or in small groups helping them with specialized programs and our own teaching styles learning English! Our coworkers are a phenominal group of teachers! The ages range from the 20’s to probably around the 40’s. Everyone is so happy to be there, and everyone has a giant smile on their face ready to better themselves as an English Teacher, and they are all ready to transfer their knowledge to their clients! However, there is one tiny little issue. We do not start until March.


Oriana tackling her interviews in the district of San Borja!


The Problem and Our Plan

This becomes a problem because how Peruvian work culture works, is you work all month, and you get paid at the end. Soooo what does this mean? This means our first paycheck is not until April 1st. See the problem? Well, I am very comfortable (kind of) for not having an income flowing in, however, I would definitely like to start working and have a little bit more financial security coming in. Plus, I want to get my hands dirty and dig in and work! So that is Oriana and I’s next adventure! We are currently exploring some part time side jobs just to get a little bit of extra cash!

Side note: I found a new place to blog with fast internet. SHOUT OUT TO STARBUCKS! I don’t know why I didn’t think about this idea earlier. You (Starbucks) are a blogging-internet-connection-speed savior! And I like your freshly brewed coffee, or how they call it in Lima, café pasado!


Oriana’s tea and my coffee



Today Oriana is on her THIRD interview!! Way to go Orio! She is killing every single one! Like I said, we are mainly going to work for the English teaching position, that is our main source of income once we get to the going and get to the workin’! However, we some part time work will not kill us or affect our upcoming teaching job. Oriana is on her third interview, and I am just sitting here finally making blogs (but these are more important for now haha). I will apply later today.

Volunteer Work – Environmental Conservation

I have also been doing some research into environmental conservation careers and volunteer work. There are a lot of marine/aquatic conservation organizations near Lima that are looking for volunteers. I sent out three emails to different organizations that were “close” enough to where I live. Close means like….1 hour bus ride or so? I would love to get more involved with work in my degree such as this. You know, get some experience, be and adult, learn some cool stuff about animals and the environment, *Cough* get my foot in the door professionally *cough*, and meet some cool people in Latin America with similar values and different perspectives!


Looking for whales or something (In reality this is the surfing beach)


Alright! So now that I have a better place to blog and share with you the Latin America life, I now can assure you that the blog posts will be more steady! Thanks for readin’ up this week! Have a great day y’all!




Everyone has a hard time calling me Chris, so I say Christopher – This is usually how it is spelled.



Making a Day Trip to Pucusana!

Hey guys, it has been a while!

Sorry it has been forever. You would not believe how hard it was to load this page! The internet is incredibly slow here. Once you use so much data, you are guaranteed a certain speed that quite has not met the standards I was hoping for. So a nice piece of advice – please do not take your internet for granted. ANYWAY, enough of that. Let’s talk about Pucusana (almost a week ago we did this!). So if you recall my last blog post, we had our trip to the hospital! If you have not read that one, check it out! Well the adventure we had at Pucusana before our hospital visit was beyond incredible. Pucusana is a small little fishing village south of Lima with pure beauty hiding in the dry mountainous region far from central Lima.

Friends, a Dog, and Aliens?!

Our dear friend John picked us up early in the morning and onward we traveled to visit his dog Max and some old friends in his old neighborhood near Punta Negra. I don’t exactly know where we stopped, but we stopped for these bread-like-empanada-like-delicious-things. If you continue driving south, there are mountainous regions that clearly indicate military zones marked with (Zona Militar). John and friends told us stories of these areas where the local people have seen unexplainable sightings in the sky ranging from bright lights, UFOs, and theories with the past civilizations and aliens! This is incredibly interesting, and I related it to the USA’s area 51. Kind of cool, kind of creepy, verdad? Anyway, I might be doing some research into that for fun! Are you guys interested in this kind of stuff?


The Trip South of Lima

Driving south of Lima, the landscape changes. The city slowly dissipates into drier and sandier areas. The mountains start to climb and grow as you continue driving south. And it is interesting. The small communities live in such dry climates, and it just looks so out of place sometimes and it makes you wonder how people live in areas like these. Smaller impoverished communities are abundant in these areas and all of a sudden you reach Pucusana!

Pucusana – The Local Life

As stated earlier, Pucusana is a small fishing village off of this little cove coast type of area. It’s beautiful. Looking out into the Pacific ocean seeing a parking lot of fishing boats, looking at the locals working hard to catch and distribute the freshly caught fish to the inner city of Lima. I am sure tourists have been there, but visiting this small village, you definitely are an outsider and it is truly a wonderful experience. We took a boat ride out into the Pacific around a small island which inhabited penguins, sea lions, endless amounts of birds, crabs, starfish, and probably others as well! Oh and yes, we saw PENGUINS. We were in a pretty small boat, and I must have been gripping the boat too hard, because the “boat driver” says to me in Spanish not to worry, he is the el capitan.

This is the boat parking lot


We also visited a small little cove where water and waves would come crashing in leaving a small area to swim in. I have no idea how to describe it so I will post a picture, because I literally cannot explain it. (More pictures will be uploaded into the Gallery Tab of the website)


John being the generous man that he is, bought us lunch as well! This was the day we tried ceviche y chupe for the first time! Ceviche is raw fish basically cooked in lime juice. Oh. My. Lawd. It was so darn tasty. I was skeptical about eating raw fish, but hey what is the worst thing that can happen?? Be hospitalized?? Oh…wait.. Oriana…yeah…(if you have no idea what I am talking about-check out the last post). Either way, we both enjoyed the ceviche, the seafood, the chupe, and of course one of my favorite drinks – Inca Kola. Que Rico.

Chupe – This soup is to DIE for. Oriana practically did that night (too soon?).
Ceviche, Mariscos, y mas. Basically a seafood platter! Wow que rico!

This is definitely a trip to remember, and I will be making my way back down to Pucusana again for another day! Thanks for joining me on this adventure! I will have another post out in about two days or so! I have some great news for the next post. I will share what Oriana and I have been up to, and about our NEW JOBS! WHAT?! WOOH!

Thanks again y’all! Feel free to share the post, comment, questions, do not hesitate!



Anything you are just itching to know about living in Peru? Know of a cool place in Peru and want us to venture out and experience it? Let me know!

Worries on Avenida Wilson – Followed by a Trip to the Hospital!

Hey hey hey!

There has been so much going on in the last few days I could honestly write five blog posts. So this post is about two situations that gave Oriana and I some apprehension and situations where we quite frankly were pretty terrified. The first situation was our trip to Avenida Wilson, which is a funny story in itself explained shortly after this paragraph. If you are only here to read about the hospital visit, scroll down for the story!


Avenida Wilson

One of our first tasks living in Lima was to purchase phone plans so we could access the city more easily at ease by being able to use data, google maps, and calls if needed. We went to one of the local phone shops. Here are the popular ones; Entel, Bitel, Claro, and Movistar. We went with Bitel because it only costs around 5 soles for the new SD card, and then roughly 30 soles ($10)/month for unlimited data and just a huge load of minutes for texting and calls. Well! We put the chips in and we had issues with an error reading – “Invalid SD Card”. This simply translates to our next problem of  – we need our phones unlocked. This is funny, because Sprint supposedly unlocked both of our phones before traveling to Peru. Thanks for nothing Sprint! Sprint is not my favorite. ANYWAY, that is where Avenida Wilson comes in.

Avenida Wilson….Avenida translates to Avenue by the way! Avenida Wilson is one of many city centers in Lima. It is home to large cyber plazas, gaming centers, technical support, gaming laptops etc. I am thinking this will be fine and dandy and no problems, while Oriana is stressing out over me being a gringo and how safe it will be. She is constantly telling me to be less gringo, blend in, and be ugly and gross apparently (her words were a little different – She will read this later so I do not want to get yelled at too much, and this was in regards of me not trimming up my beard). So when Oriana worries about me going in the city where there are pretty much no gringos and that they are super deprived of gringos (haha deprived sounds funny to me – idk why), it kind of gets me worried too. Her cousin called us an Uber to get there (You the real MVP Uber!), and here I am thinking if we need an uber, is it too dangerous to take public transportation?! Oriana literally was stressing so much that I was like, can I even go to this place??? Well here is the funny thing.

Admiring a beautiful mansion near Avenida Wilson with mountains in the background

The Uber drives closer and closer to our destination, and there is more graffiti, more people, and overall just a different appearance to where we live. Oriana is getting more relaxed (I had no clue until later), and I grow a little more tense. We arrive, we get dropped off, and BOOM!!! That’s when it happened! Nothing actually. It was like another area of the city we have visited with the common stares from the locals, the shopkeepers, and the people passing by.  We actually made a few trips back there to unlock her phone which we we worried that we would get scammed due to some shady services taking over a few days. I actually need to go back there one more time to unlock my phone, but that is not the point of this silly story. The point is, Oriana freaked out over nothing (well safety, but we were totally fine), and I freaked out because she freaked out. I am always aware of my surrounding and keep a close eye and grip on my belongings. So if you are still reading this and have not skipped to the hospital visit, onward to the scary part!

El Hospital with Oriana

So! John, Oriana, Ehfrain and I went to a beautiful place south of Lima called Pucusana, which will be featured in my next post, because it is beautiful. Anyway! We spent a wonderful time there and we ate Ceviche (raw fish), Chupe con marisco (a type of soup with seafood), and other yummy foods. Sometimes people have problems eating these and we did not!…. Not until later…. So we had a huge platter (pictured below), and we asked if we could take the food for “para llevar” or taking it home in boxes. Fast forward to later when we are at home, Oriana and I heat up the chupe leftovers and eat some along with the leftover platter. We felt fine. We then proceed to go to sleep pretty early for us around 11pm. What happens next scared the **** out of me.

Ceviche, mariscos, other tasty foods – Basically a seafood platter

Oriana wakes me up at around 1am. Me being startled, was wondering if her cousin came home early as he was at a concert, but no. She informed me that she was having a difficult time breathing! I stood up immediately, turned the light on, and inspected her throat. I asked a ton of questions like, is it itchy? Does it hurt? Are you dizzy, etc. So I did not know exactly what to do. I do not have a car. We do not necessarily trust taxis at 1am, I do not know where the nearest hospital is, let alone what kind of service they have, and I heard the ambulances take forever to get there (might have been quicker at night since traffic was low), so I made a decision. Thinking it could be a potential severe alergic reaction, I told Oriana I wanted to give our friend John a call. Oriana did not want me to call our friend John and his roommate Jose. However, I knew they would be more than happy to help versus suffer the consequences if things went south. John and Jose came as soon as they could. They only live around 3 miles (5k) away. Jose is a doctor and is continuing his medicine practices, and he examined her in our apartment. He informed us we should go to the hospital. We got in John’s car and drove to Santa Rosa Hospital located in Pueblo Libre. Her breathing slightly worsened before it got better, but it improved slightly when taking an allergy pill (Gracias a Dios).

When we arrived, Jose did most of the talking. We checked in, showed our passports (I made sure to pack water, passports, money, and our phone chargers in case it was a long night) and anything else we might need. Another doctor examined her, gave her some papers, and sent her to the next step. She received some kind of medication through a smaller version of what looked like an IV, but clearly was not an IV, but I have no idea what, so I am going to call it a mini IV. MOVING ONWARD, she felt better before even receiving those, but we continued with the process. At this point John and Jose returned home because heroes need sleep, and they work hard, and they’re wonderful. So she then received an hour’s worth of oxygen and more medication through the oxygen mask. I sat with her until approximately 4am! We left the hospital and everything added up to about 52 soles for the services and medications. That is around 20 bucks! I just cannot believe how cheap it is here for the medical services. Thank you John and Jose for everything you guys do!

Having a great time together in Peru even in the Hospital!

We left the hospital, and Andres picked us up. We got a taxi home and we slept! Wow what a day. We went from having a marvelous day spent at Pucusana, to going to the hospital on two hours of sleep and freaking out. The conclusion was she was probably allergic to some kind of seafood in the soup, but we question why she did not get sick the first time she ate it, and then getting reactions the second time she ate it. Either way, it was a crazy day/night, and I am so thankful for the angels we have watching over us (Andres, John, Jose, and I am sure there will be more to come). Thank you to everyone from the bottom of our hearts!

Meet Gringo John! This is THE man! THE John. Thank you to you and Jose!

Come follow me with my next story on our beautiful and almost unreal experience in the fishing village of  Pucusana! Thanks for reading! Like always, if you have any comments, questions or suggestions, let me know!



This is Inca Cola and I am obsessed with it! Cheers!