The Next Step – Opportunities to work abroad and getting out of the comfort zone

Helpful advice from a friend

So  I just got off the phone with one of the most adventurous buddies I know that is working in Alaska for some seasonal work. Aaron and I attended the same university and joined the same fraternity (shout out to Beta Theta Pi) for a while. We connected deeply with conversations and dreams of world traveling. We discussed his amazing stories in Alaska and some challenges he is facing being around the same people constantly and other conflicts. He asked about my plans after graduation and I updated him on my girlfriend situation from Venezuela. We got on the topic of getting out of the comfort zone and  how that connects to the challenges with traveling. We discussed possible career/side jobs that are available in the United States and abroad (and some adventures without any income). Here are some opportunities that we discussed that I am actively pursuing.

Spending time with close friend Aaron (left) in Colorado in March of 2017

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A Post Grad Passing

Hello hello!

This is my first blog post (obviously). I guess let’s just start wherever and see where it takes us.

So I did a thing this spring. I GRADUATED from the University of Wisconsin – Oshkosh! Woah! I did a thing that I never thought I could accomplish, but here I am writing about it! Four years of sweat, stress, complete procrastination, and complete utter happiness.

One of the key components to accomplishing my four year degree with Environmental Studies and a Spanish minor was the dreams of post graduation. These constant daydreams and life dreams of traveling the world kept me striving for that finish line across the stage on May 13, 2017. Now I have the ability to pursue them (kind of).


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