5 Destinations to Visit in Peru Other Than Machu Picchu!

On your way to Peru and don’t know where to visit apart from Machu Pichhu? Don’t worry. Here are 5 must-see destinations for you to experience on your next trip to Peru!

Machu Picchu being one of the main tourist attractions in the nation, it is without a doubt flooded with tourists from around the globe. Although it is a must-see site located in the Andes near the Cusco region, many tourists are unaware of the diversity Peru has to offer.

The diversity between the Coast, the different types of jungles and la sierra (Andes Region) or also known as the highlands, also offers special cultural differences to each region. This includes various dances, to the native language of Quechua in local villages, the wildlife, and of course the most important, the food! If visiting more than just Machu Picchu is what you’re looking for, take a look at these five carefully picked destinations for you to explore!Continue reading “5 Destinations to Visit in Peru Other Than Machu Picchu!”

USA visit then off to Colombia! A quick UPDATE!

Hello everyone! Did y’all miss me?! I missed you!

Yes, it is me. It has been a very long time indeed. The last time I posted was back in January of this year (2019), about my trip to Cusco. I would love to fill you in on the adventures that I have been on from then to now. I’ll give you the run down of what I have been facing, where I have gone, the people I have met and my next move! For more IMG_20190625_215717detailed posts with more pictures, stay tuned for pricing, transportation, and other stories like my Boa Constrictor encounter while taking care of my business in the bathroom, to three marriage proposals, to almost getting deported. So, stay tuned!

Here is a quick review of questions of where I am and what I am doing?! Rapid fire!

  • Where am I?
    • I am currently at my parents’ house in Wisconsin! Taking some nice FB_IMG_1566217688467time in the mornings to drink coffee, and reconnect with family and friends!


  • What do I do for work?
    • I still teach English online for Open English to Latino students and Cambly  – which I do English conversation with people from the Mid Eastern countries.
    • I also still do online life coach sessions with my clients from Lima, Peru!
Hello, my name is Christopher! I will be your teacher today!
  • Where am I going next?
    • Cartagena, Colombia! ❤


  • When am I going?
    • End of October (Happy Halloween)
  • What do I have planned before then?
    • I am planned to run a half marathon with my brother for My Team Triumph!
    • Nick and Bri are getting married!
    • Forest and Kiersten are getting married!
    • A baby shower for Brenda and Sam!
    • Visiting Anthony in Iowa (was supposed to go today, but there was a problem with the flight!.
    • Lots of running and biking
    • Writing writing writing
    • apply for more jobs in Colombia and volunteering opportunties
    • Friends!


  • What are my near and distant goals?
    • Near goals
      • Work on and maybe publish my book (at least process it)
      • Get back into blogging weekly
      • Training for the half marathon with Captain Jim
      • Work on Public Workshops
    • Distant goals
      • Find a work visa in Colombia
      • Find a better job in general
      • Find volunteer work (found and planning)
      • Also publish my book and follow up on Life Coaching
      • Public workshops
Cana dulce – que rico

Well, those are some of the immediate questions that you may be wondering. Now, I just need to execute my daily goals and take action to make a little progress day by day. I have a lot to do while I am hear, and boredom does not exist in my vocabulary! Here is a recap of what I have done since my second round in Peru! I have been around the block ;).

Places I’ve delved into since January:

  1. Cusco
  2. Iquitos (northern low jungle)cropped-20190118_065228-1.jpg
  3. Tarapoto (northern high jungle)
  4. Oxapampa (central jungle)
  5. La Merced (central jungle)
  6. Chachapoyas (northern jungle)
  7. Pucallpa (central jungle)
  8. Juliaca
  9. Puno
  10. Lake Titicaca IMG_20190719_123838
  11. Arequipa

With these locations, I have also explored other small towns and cities near them, and I could write a whole page about them, so better yet I will include them into the following posts in more depth.

The last month in Lima, Peru I decided to take a lot of vacation and visit as many places as I could before I left Peru for a while. I do not have any plans on going back anytime soon, but who knows? I always keep my doors open and I will be ready if there is a calling to go back, but now it is time to explore and learn about the cultural differences that lie in Colombia. I traveled for a little over a month in Peru from the end of June to the end of July, and then I flew back to the United States, and now here I am!20190330_100852_HDR

So, let’s get ready for these stories! There are so many to come! Like trying new foods like jungle worms and Amazonian alcoholic ant beverages! If that doesn’t spark your interest, I am not sure what will! See you soon!


Worldwide Chris

Latin American Angels – The Story of Many Beautiful People and Their Impact on My Life

So, I have been….a little busy…. with responsibilities, choices, and decisions in general in my life to make it better, to improve it, to make it more interesting, and while trying to fulfill my dreams. However, I really wanted to make time to write this blog. This post is something of an appreciation post and to share the beautiful side of people that I have met along my journey down in Latin America and.

I want to give a few shout outs to people who have made a positive impact in my life. And to whom have influenced me to help become a better me. There are more people than I can count, but these people, specifically in Latin America have either guided me, taught me lessons, or have given me much of their time to share special moments with that definitely deserve a mention. And I sincerely apologize AND thank you if you are reading this and you are not on here. I sincerely appreciate you as well, and I would love to sit down and talk to you. If that is the case, send me a message on whatsapp or facebook and we will share a coffee or a chelita or skype. I will try to do this in semiiiii chronological order! jaja vamos a ver!

My Parents (Gringo Family of Angels)

This one is a bit obvious, but they deserve recognition for so much. Apart from them helping with my education to allow me to live the life I want to live without financial weight, they have been the best parents that I could ask for. Even though we do not talk every day, I know I can call them and talk to them and just chat, ask for help, or just see how everyone is doing.

I struggled a bit in the months of October through December for various reasons, so I decided to pay a visit to my family that was long overdue. I returned home, surprisded them, and spent a lot of time with them and my friends. My visit only consisted of a month with them, and even though they preferred that I would have stayed longer, they understood when I made the decision to return back to Peru. They didn’t fight me for it, they didn’t question me (too much), and they didn’t try to guilt trip me. I love my family for these reasons. Many of my friends and people that I meet believe my family to be very strange in that regard, but for me it is something I treasure and am so grateful for. Our love and connections are something different that allow me and my siblings a type of freedom that makes you feel even more loved knowing that your family full on supports you every step of the way. Even if they recommend me doing other things, taking different financial routes, or maybe something that we do not exactly agree on, they still support my decision either way. That is why I love my family. However, they do and can tell me when I am in the wrong, and I believe I can accept and acknowledge that fact as well, which I am grateful for as well.

I could go on and on about them, but I love them very very much, and even though I am here I think about them everyday along with my siblings. ❤

Silvia (United States/Argentinian Angel)


This human being has a bigger impact on my life than I think she understands. I took Spanish courses from middle school all the way up until my Junior year of college. Not because I was good at it or even loved it by any means, but I continued with it because I knew it would somehow help me. I remember my last Spanish class with Silvia, and I wasn’t doing very well. I would always ask my friend Karolina what the hell Silvia was saying because I didn’t understand a single sentence that came out her mouth.

I mean, I could have studied much more for my Spanish classes, but I am not going to lie, I was a little lazy because Spanish wasn’t the easiest for me, and still isn’t easy. The thing is, I remember emailing her, talking to her after classes (Sometimes) about how I could improve my Spanish but only to improve my grades not to actually learn (that was my issue), but the thing is, she never gave up on me. She kept recommending me places to practice, groups to join, and other resources as well.

When someone sees you are struggling and they do not give up on you, those are the people you know you need to learn lessons from, look up to them, respect them, and give it your best shot. As much as I would like to say I gave it my best shot, I didn’t. However, now living in a foreign country for over a year, I have definitely been taking more strides to learning more about the language and taking one day at a time to reaching fluency!

Almost two to three years have passed since a Spanish class and we are still in contact and can consider her one of the Angels of Latin America! There have been a few opportunities to meet her in Argentina, but unfortunately we haven’t been able to make it work, hopefully in the near future we can cross paths soon to catch up and learn a bit more! I could write on and on about this woman! Thanks Silvia for everything you have taught me, and the things that I will learn from you!

John (Gringo Angel living in Peru)


1a5f68c0-881a-4d46-b118-906642c9c159Gringo John!!! The childhood friend back in Wisconsin of my Godfather/Uncle in Rhode Island! What a small world this is truly. Uncle Bill and you both say they are the funniest, but I don’t know yet, what do you think John?!

I remember the first time I met John who picked me up on Avenida Venezuela for lunch, it was so strange meeting someone picking me up on a random street in Lima. We got lunch for the first time, talked, and had a ball! Since then he has helped me and other people close to me without hesitation. Every time he answers the phone he asks, “Hey are you okay?” before anything else. He and his roommate Jose literally are everyone’s angels. John likes to help more people than himself I think sometimes, that’s why he always takes little siestas wherever we are jajajaja. But, seriously I remember I told him that I would pay for a lunch when I started being financially stable, which I finally am now! Wooh, it only took me a whole year, but he paid for so many lunches, dinners, and outings, and he likes to avoid my offers 😡 I am coming for you Gringo John!

When Oriana and I arrived the first week in Peru, I had to call him to pick us up because Oriana had an allergic reaction, and thank God we knew him, because we didn’t have phones to call an ambulance, taxi, uber, beat, or whatever let alone know where a hospital was. So, he and Jose picked us up and dropped us at a hospital to get things situated and resolved. Without John in Peru, life would be so much more different. I am so grateful to have met him, even though I don’t see him often as I would like, I value his friendship and consider him an angel down here ❤ Love you Johnny boy!

Darlita (Venezuelan Angel)


Darlita Darlita Darlita, where do I even start!? This woman has acted as a second mother to me. Mother, if you are reading this, I love you very much, but Darlita is mi mami latina por siempre <3. Darlita has been one of my biggest support systems emotionally and for advice. This woman is the calmest, wisest, and is one of the most loving people I have met in my life. Despiste some pretty big errors and mistakes I have made which caused some pain to others, she has been able to look past that and still has been watching out for me and caring for me from afar.

I remember I was crossing the boarder of Ecuador and Peru where it was pretty dangerous at the time, and she was CONSTANTLY in touch with me asking me what my next move was, advising me of particular people, routes, and cities. To be honest, that was the most scared I have ever been in Latin America, and she was helping me along the way one step at a time from her headquarters in Caracas jaja.

Darlita is and will always be a Caribbean Angel and I am forever grateful to have her in my life! I love Hugo too (her husband) Los quiero mucho ❤

Krawly (Venezuelan Angel living in Chile)


Krawly! One of the friendliest warmhearted people I have met. My first solo trip in Latin America, Darlita (the angel above) put me in contact with one of her closest friends who resided in Chile. Knowing I had a friendly face that I could trust in another foreign country put me at ease arriving to Chile for the first time.

I was at my hostel for a few days before meeting him, but he biked to my hostel, took some time off of work, and he showed me around the city. Krawly is such a positive, fun, and energetic human being who is passionate about life. I was fortunate enough to meet this man and receive his hospitality in the city, and knowing if I go back he will be there.

However, I pray and hope that we will cross our paths again in his home country on la tierra de Venezuela! Un fuerte abrazo mi pana! Gracias por todo! ❤

Nidal (Venezuelan Angel living in Chile)

Nidal (middle) Hermany (right)

Nidal and I met in a hostel in Santiago de Chile. He was one of the bunk mates and we chatted the hours up the entire week. This man is also full of lessons and wisdom that he never hesitated to share with me. He cooked for me, fed me, and taught more lessons after I got scammed from my taxi. We talked countless amounts of hours of the USA and Venezuela. We shared Chilean wine and laughed over many different conversations.

Nidal was became a Latin American Angel to me when he accompanied me to the bus terminal to help me get my refund after a cancelation of my route due to a blocked passage in the Andes. We took the subway to the terminal, and he helped argue for hours with me. At the time my Spanish was still in need of much improvement, so having him to help was a HUGE advantage. Eventually I was able to catch the next bus the next day without paying a single dime more. He could have easily stayed in the hostel and let me do my own thing and fend for myself with my problem, but he helped and fought for my success until it was achieved.

We still communicate through whatsapp, sharing our positive energy, sharing songs, asking for advice, or just seeing how we are doing with life. If I need a different perspective our a shoulder to lean on, this Venezuelan Angel I know has got me. Thanks for entering my life Panita! Un gran abrazo!!!

Stella (Argentinian Angel)

Stella (Middle) and her son Gato (Right)

Stella!! What a wonderful human being this woman is. I met this woman and her kids in Buenos Aires because my dad met her online twenty years ago and they chat every Christmas with my family! This woman invited me into her house in Olavarria, Buenos Aires in Argentina. She fed me VERY well with yummy treats, Coca Cola and LOTS OF WINE! I enjoyed my time with her and her kids for the time I spent there (just under a week if I remember correctly). Before even meeting Stella, she guided me through Buenos Aires and other districts of Argentina always giving me advice on where to go and things to be careful. She calls herself a witch, but I think she is a good witch? haha, but she is full of wisdom and life lessons that she constantly shared with me.

She has taught me various lessons of relationships with significant others, families and friends. This is one topic we discussed during my stay with her. I also learned the importance of eating the “delicacies” of the world – FOOD! I ate… what was it called – some kind of Russian roulette cake?! It was to die for, and she made me realize that I shouldn’t feel guilty jajaja thanks Stella jaja.

She also brought me to the family farm and shared with me her a big part of her life. It was beautiful there. After spending so much time in the Latin America cities, she made me feel like I was back at home in Wisconsin, but with a lot more wine!!

She also introduced me to her grand kids! They are their own type of angels! They were so adorable. We practiced English, played games, played futbol, hide and seek, and much more.

Thank you Stella for being such a wonderful person and your hospitality!! You will always be an Argentinian Angel to me! I hope to see you and your family again! ❤


As stated before, I could write on and on about the wonderful people I have met, because I am leaving people out from Brazil, Ecuador, Colombia and Mexico! I could go on and on an on! But these people are the ones who have made a huge impact on my life and continue being part of that, even though some of them were only for a brief moment. It goes to show that people don’t need to know you for a long time to make impacts. It really is the small things that we do for other people that build something memorable and remarkable. I want to thank all of you for being support of me and helping me get to where I have gotten today. I will continue striving for better while also doing and sharing what you have all taught me! As stated before, thank you as well to the people who I haven’t mentioned! (Isaac, Lesly, Patti, Juan, Pedro, Jorge, Charlie, Oscar, Justin, Marissa, Victoria, Tami, Mirna, Nahomy, Oriana, Guy, Nico, Ana, and the list goes on and on). Here are just SOME pictures of the amazing people I have met.

Much love to you all,