A Week in Córdoba – A Week to Remember

Welcome to the adventure of Córdoba! Initially I did this place wrong, but by the end of my week I learned how to visit this city accordingly, and I want to share the beautiful places I went here. Perhaps you would like to visit this beautiful area of Argentina. In these experiences, I found myself meeting new friends from Colombia, Mexico, Argentina, Parauay, and from the UK, running into trouble at my hostels, exploring some of the Boliches (clubs) and trying Fernett (an famous drink). Cordoba is a district of Argentina that you could easily spend weeks on end exploring the whole place and never seeing it all. I stayed in the capital of this district in Cordoba, Cordoba. This is the base camp to all of your adventures in this next adventure to explore all of the Pueblitos (little towns) around the capital!


I arrived in Córdoba from Mendoza by bus. To be honest, the 10 hour bus trip was pretty boring. The trip consisted of flat lands covered in the monotonous desert looking vegetation. Beautiful to be honest, but boring. But when I left the city to check out the Pueblos, it gave Córdoba the charm I was looking for in Argentina with so much natural beauty. But we will get there.


The city capital is pretty small in compared to Santiago, Buenos Aires, and Lima, but its a nice little city. While I was there, there was a lot of construction and public areas being revamped and revitalized.


I stayed at the Alvear hostel, where I shared a room with about 15 break dancing dudes. As soon as I realized I was the only one that was not in their group, I knew I was going to have a little trouble. Later that week, I did some laundry and was hanging my shirts up on my bed. I came back one night, and they stole all of my shirts. To make it worse, I had already been wearing the same shirt for 4 days prior, so I was a little stinky wearing the same old shirt. So I had to go shop for some new ones. The best part about buying new “t-shirts” in Argentina during their winter is they practically do not exist! I had to buy cheap Jerseys instead, because I overheat with longer shirts. I haggled a bit and got a reasonable Argentina Jersey and a Barcelona Jersey!

The hostel itself was pretty nice. It had a nice roof space where I drank my mate, ate cookies, and enjoyed a few of my mornings. The kitchen was quite small and rather limited, but I managed and that is all that really matters. The breakfasts were pretty good, but were not filling. The breakfasts was eggs, toast, and coffee. It was enough to keep me from being hangry, so I cannot complain. The lobby was nice with plenty of chairs, tvs, and bean bags. Lastly, the hostel staff was incredibly nice.

What to do in the city

  1. Boliches (clubs)
  2. Public Parks
  3. Plaza San Martin
  4. Plaza de Centenario
  5. Parque Sarmiento
  6. Look at all of the Cathedeals
  7. Go to the hundreds of museums!
  8. Check out the small little river – Rio suquia
  9. Check out the local markets and fairs


What is a MUST in Córdoba – Places to visit outside the city – PUEBLOS

  1. La cumbre
  2. Villa Carlos Paz
  3. La Cumbrecita
  4. La Falda
  5. Cosquin
  6. Huerta Grande
  7. Achias
  8. more pueblos
  9. more pueblos


The list goes on and on. Unfortunately I only got to vist Villa Carlos Paz, because I became really sick during my stay. So, I rested and took it easy. However, I shared and exchanged stories with friends that I met at the hostel in Córdoba and the locals who expressed their great recommendation to these Pueblos! There are also more pueblos and you can literally spend weeks upon weeks here.

If you LOVE nature, mountains, rivers, waterfalls, great people, great food, and interesting history, then you HAVE to check out these little pueblos. They are full of everything you are looking for. As stated 100 times, you can literally spend weeks here.


Hope you get a chance to get out there!


Worldwide Chris



UPDATE – Facing challenges living in Peru

So it has already been over a month since I have returned from my 5 week trip in Chile and Argentina, and what a challenge it has been to be back. I feel like I have not updated you all on my Peruvian living situations, because everything has been focused on my last trip. However, some good things are happening in Peru. I now feel like I have control over handling the chaos of the city. I don’t get as anxious as I used to (the anxiety still exists), and of course there are some bigger challenges to face. My job situation and my legal situation here.

I have been teaching for two companies in Lima, and one pays better than the other and the other is incredibly unstable but still is a source of income. Well, I recently took my own intent to privately teach classes. I printed out posters, placed them in public areas, sent out resumes, posters, and English flyers to the local schools, made craigslist posts, posted on other online platforms including Facebook. I have a few little bites, but nothing incredibly stable. I have also given out slackline class flyers out at the park while slacklining, and for a super cheap price.


The great thing is, I am making enough for rent and food, but I have so much free time it is driving me nuts. I have been thinking of better ways to invest my time and also to make more money. Here are some things I am looking into to invest my time:

  1. Kickboxing 
  2. Yoga classes
  3. Studying Spanish more regularly 
  4. Continuing to find new ways to make money
  5. Continue writing my book
  6. Continue working out
  7. Read more books (one or two a month)
  8. Online tutoring?

Recently, I was hired on an online tutoring company that my internet speed was qualified for. So! I am hoping to be making some extra money doing that from the comfort of my bedroom! The great thing is, the classes are 30 mins long and it makes pretty good money. I am filling out the paperwork for that company today, and I will give you an update!

Legality issue

So when I came back to Peru, I was told that I was not able to come back, because I had already spent 6 months for this year. The customs lady told me that I had two options.

  1. The first one – She would send me back to Chile
  2. The second one – She would give me two months to figure out my situation

Well, needless to say she gave me two months. So I have around 25ish days until I need to legally leave the country again, and I need to either A) find a company to sponsor a carnet extraneria, stay illegally and pay $1 fine a day, or leave the country again and retry entry. Hmm… do I hear a trip to Ecuador coming??? We will see!! My bag can easily be packed and ready 😉


So, that is what is going on in my life right now. It is a little messy, but I am sure I will figure it all out with a little bit of time.

Life lessons that are in process:

  2. How to be creative
  3. How to manage time more efficiently
  4. Learning more about myself
  5. More problem solving
  6. More PATIENCE

Next up for blog posts: Cordoba, Missiones, The Falls of Iguazu, Buenos Aires, and more more more!

Until next time,


Worldwide Chris

16 Activities I did in Mendoza, Argentina

What could be better than fresh air, wonderful tasting food, cheap accommodation, bike rides through a calm city, and how can I forget to mention. WINE. Mendoza, Argentina home of their wineries and food! Que ricoooo! RERICO. My time in Mendoza was spent walking the city, biking and exploring, doing a little bit of hiking, eating, tasting and trying wines from the Bodegas, more eating, and they even have a few great boliches (clubs). As stated in my last blog, I want to share a bad experience with couch surfing and how it made me uncomfortable, but I will share that with you for this Saturday, this will be about the great things to do in Mendoza, Argentina! Enjoy!

What I expected of Mendoza was quite different than my experience. Either way my experience was amazing!

I spent most of my days walking and exploring the city by food and a day by bike rented from a shop downtown. When I was hungry, there were plenty of restaurants to eat from with fantastic tasting food. Every meal comes with a complimentary glass of wine. The Asado was FANTASTIC. All of the food was so flavorful, tasteful, and well prepared for the eye.


I expected to be buying wine everyday and sharing it with the people that were in the hostel, my couch surfing host, or friends I made. I have seen pictures of the mountains from particular vineyards, and I am sure I just went to the wrong ones away from the area. I expected there to be people walking around the streets and being able to buy food at any hour.

The funny reality is that, the streets were almost always empty. I knew it was the off season when I arrived, but it was EMPTY. Completely vacant of people. Many days I would find myself walking alone with a few shop keepers trying to lead me in to their store to strike some type of deal.


Places/Activities that I recommend and that I enjoyed

  1. Parque San Martin
  2. Cerro de la Gloria
  3. Valle de Uco (I did not get to go, but I heard AMAZING things).
  4. Plaza Independencia
  5. Mercado Central
  6. Plaza San Martin
  7. Fuente de los continentes
  8. Paseo Peatonal
  9. The Restaurantes on the Main Street
  10. Biking the bodegas and vineyards to explore and wine taste
  11. Buying wine and drinking it at the park
  12. Buying wine and drinking it at the hostel
  13. Trekking a few little hills
  14. Spending time at the parks drinking mate
  15. Shopping down town
  16. Bodegas/Vineyards

All of these places were very enjoyable. If you are looking for a city to chill, enjoy food, and relax. This is the city for you. If you are looking in for a ton of things to do, this is not the place.

Of course you should WINE TASTE as much as you can. Budget travelers can easily go to the store and buy the wines that are locally produced and drink them at their hostel or the park. 20180721_180023_HDR

For travelers with a little bit more money to spend should go on wine tours where you can try the finest wine, and with good company! I prefer budget traveling to get as much as I can, but I am sure the wine tours are just as great!!


My Hostel

I stayed at the Mendoza Inn. This hostel was not the best by any means, but it was only $30 dollars for the whole week. It came out to be roughly 5 dollars a night which is amazing. They provided a decent breakfast with cereal, two baked goods, coffee, and a small slice of fruit. Not the craziest, but it was better than nothing


The hostel itself seemed to be great in the summer season of traveling as they had a pool, a bar, ping pong, Foosball, and other party-like features. The staff was half and half friendly with one of the dudes that I would give him a 2 star rating for not so good service.

The rooms were comfortable and semi clean with sufficient space to lock up my belongings. However, they lacked outlets to charge my phone so my phone was almost never fully charged. I had to charge it rapidly as I was eating breakfast outside my room.

The bathroom was shared between EVERYONE. So goodluck showering when you needed to. When I travel I am not too picky, but man I would take late night showers at 2am or 5am in the morning just to secure a spot. Not only is it hard to get a shower, everyone takes their sweet-ass time. I remember asking if there was another bathroom, because I had…an ’emergency situation’ and they told me there was one out back. I used it, but MAN WAS IS COLD. Wooh! The bathroom was this little cubicle with a blurred open window and no roof. That was the coldest usage of the bathroom of my life. Even more so than my experiences backpacking through the Andes Mountains. Anyway…

There are lots of good restaurants on Avenida Aristedes Villanueva. I ate a bunch of different foods that I have never tried or have seen. They are pretty pricey in Mendoza, but you want to splurge here in this city as it is prepared wonderfully, and it absolutely delicious.



  • El Mercadito
  • El Club de la Milanesa
  • Basilika
  • Al Toque – I had excellent pizza here and discovered Quilmes Beer
  • William Brown
  • Bianco & Nero

There were others that I tried out as well, but I cannot recall off hand. I write most of the restaurants I visit down in my travel journal. These restaurants are all accompanied by Wine with your dish, and typically a dessert as well!20180724_134047

There were a few days I spent just chilling in the park with my Mate and some cookies people watching and seeing how everyone was enjoying their day. I also enjoyed spending a day riding around the city with a rental bike that I got near the Mercado Central. It was roughly 10 dollars for the day, which is fairly reasonable.

I definitely recommend Mendoza, Argentina for your next destination! However, I did most of these things by myself as there were not many tourists here, so I ate alone, went alone, and experienced everything alone. As much as I enjoy my alone time, this place would be wonderful with a family or your friends!

Thanks for reading!


Worldwide Chris