Laguna 69, Peru – Hiking/Camping without a guide

Welcome back to this week’s post on our crazy trip to Laguna 69! Isaac and I waited a few days to do this trip as the hike is at roughly 15,000 feet! Many people in Colorado worship the 14,000 feet climbs, but 15,000 feet is nothing when it comes to the Andes in Peru. WeContinue reading “Laguna 69, Peru – Hiking/Camping without a guide”

A Week in Huaraz – 6 days of trekking paradise

A whole week outside of Lima did me good! This side adventure was to a city that is surrounded by beautiful mountain ranges. The Cordillera Blanca (white mountain range and the Cordillera Negro (black mountain range). HUARAZ – home to one of the largest trekking destinations in the world! I invited my friend Isaac, whoContinue reading “A Week in Huaraz – 6 days of trekking paradise”