The benefits of traveling

Where to start! So you want to know the benefits of traveling?! What could possibly be so great about traveling long term. Well, let me tell you that traveling is not all about sitting on a beach all day drinking margaritas – but I can do that more often now since the ocean is likeContinue reading “The benefits of traveling”

A Side Trip to Huaraz – Prepost!

I am coming at you with great news! ( Featured photo retrieved from: ) Finally I can say after four months I am taking a trip outside of the city!┬áMy buddy Isaac and I will be traveling to Huaraz this coming week! Click here to see what trips that are being planned in PeruContinue reading “A Side Trip to Huaraz – Prepost!”

The Dangers of Being in the Comfort Zone – How to get out of it

Ahh, the comfort zone. Something so nice, and something so hindering for growth. The comfort zone can be nice sometimes, a safe haven if you will, but it also can hinder your personal growth, your profesional growth, or even your social growth. The comfort zone is all around us: in our jobs, our homes, ourContinue reading “The Dangers of Being in the Comfort Zone – How to get out of it”