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UPDATE – Facing challenges living in Peru

So it has already been over a month since I have returned from my 5 week trip in Chile and Argentina, and what a challenge it has been to be back. I feel like I have not updated you all on my Peruvian living situations, because everything has been focused on my last trip. However,… Continue reading UPDATE – Facing challenges living in Peru

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What the heck are we doing now?! – Jobs! Jobs! Jobs! – Life in Lima

Happy Wednesday Afternoon and Happy Valentines Day! ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ Welcome welcome welcome! Oriana and I have great news for you all today! We would like to announce that we both found jobs in Peru! We both are going to be ENGLISH TEACHERS! We already went to our first teacher's meeting discussing..well teacher stuff.… Continue reading What the heck are we doing now?! – Jobs! Jobs! Jobs! – Life in Lima

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Making a Day Trip to Pucusana!

Hey guys, it has been a while! Sorry it has been forever. You would not believe how hard it was to load this page! The internet is incredibly slow here. Once you use so much data, you are guaranteed a certain speed that quite has not met the standards I was hoping for. So a… Continue reading Making a Day Trip to Pucusana!


Chicago>Fort Lauderdale > Lima, Peru

So the time is 2:21 pm and Oriana and I are just kind of hanging out at the airport in Fort Lauderdale. I am pretty exhausted considering I only slept about an hour and a half before our road trip to the Chicago O'hare. I don't even know where to begin right now to be… Continue reading Chicago>Fort Lauderdale > Lima, Peru


Our Next Adventure – South America

South America, home to many beautiful countries that are home to exotic people and places, where Oriana and I's adventurous spirits will soon dwell upon, because we just bought two one way tickets to Peru!  Why choose Peru? When people think about sights to see and things to do in Peru, Machu Pichu is a… Continue reading Our Next Adventure – South America