The Gringo Grind

Buenas tardes mis amigos! Doing that Gringo Grind on the daily! What is the Gringo Grind? The Gringo Grind is the new way I live life now. This new concept was created by the great Oriana herself with the definition of something close to this: “A privileged white individual moving to another country to basicallyContinue reading “The Gringo Grind”

One Month Down in Peru – Lessons, Experiences, Gunshots?

What a special day today is! I welcome you all to a special day for Oriana and I! Today marks our FIRST WHOLE MONTH of living in Peru, and what a way to bring it in with gunshots this morning! There were 15 gunshots (I counted, yes) near our apartment (the noise probably carried downContinue reading “One Month Down in Peru – Lessons, Experiences, Gunshots?”

Parque de las Leyendas – What to do, tips and more!

This park is too incredible for the cost of entry! Only 12 soles! This is roughly the same as four dollars to EXPLORE this MASSIVE park right here in San Miguel. This park offers an eternal winding maze of a zoo and so much more! Now, I have mixed feelings for zoos, but that aside,Continue reading “Parque de las Leyendas – What to do, tips and more!”