16 Activities I did in Mendoza, Argentina

What could be better than fresh air, wonderful tasting food, cheap accommodation, bike rides through a calm city, and how can I forget to mention. WINE. Mendoza, Argentina home of their wineries and food! Que ricoooo! RERICO. My time in Mendoza was spent walking the city, biking and exploring, doing a little bit of hiking,Continue reading “16 Activities I did in Mendoza, Argentina”

Couch Surfing in Mendoza, Argentina – Gone Wrong

My FIRST time using couch surfing didn’t go the way I planned! So, I decided to try something new, maybe learn a little bit more, and meet a local while saving some money as well. I contacted him in Chile, he accepted my request, and when I left for Mendoza, I felt very secure andContinue reading “Couch Surfing in Mendoza, Argentina – Gone Wrong”