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Dangerous Places in Lima – Visit with Caution

Recently someone reached out to me and told me they were visiting Peru in the next year. I jumped for joy at the possible thought of someone coming down to Lima, and maybe seeing a familiar face. They asked me for advice on places not to go for lack of security, criminal activity, and overall… Continue reading Dangerous Places in Lima – Visit with Caution

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Cruz del Sur vs Oltursa Review

We are back with a review between two bus companies! These two are both well known in Peru and are both used quite frequently. Let's talk about the quality and services of each one. On the way to Huaraz I used Cruz del Sur and on the return I used Oltursa. Let's get into it!… Continue reading Cruz del Sur vs Oltursa Review

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Laguna 69, Peru – Hiking/Camping without a guide

Welcome back to this week's post on our crazy trip to Laguna 69! Isaac and I waited a few days to do this trip as the hike is at roughly 15,000 feet! Many people in Colorado worship the 14,000 feet climbs, but 15,000 feet is nothing when it comes to the Andes in Peru. We… Continue reading Laguna 69, Peru – Hiking/Camping without a guide


Time to leave Peru – The next destination

Hello everyone! I just got back from my trip to Huaraz in Peru, which is located 7-9 hours (depends on traffic) north of Lima. I will be creating blog posts, sharing my stories, sharing advice, and sharing the beautiful pictures like featured in this blog, but today I have some incredibly special news to share… Continue reading Time to leave Peru – The next destination

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A Side Trip to Huaraz – Prepost!

I am coming at you with great news! ( Featured photo retrieved from: http://www.lcperu.pe/en/destinations/huaraz ) Finally I can say after four months I am taking a trip outside of the city! My buddy Isaac and I will be traveling to Huaraz this coming week! Click here to see what trips that are being planned in Peru… Continue reading A Side Trip to Huaraz – Prepost!

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The Gringo Grind

Buenas tardes mis amigos! Doing that Gringo Grind on the daily! What is the Gringo Grind? The Gringo Grind is the new way I live life now. This new concept was created by the great Oriana herself with the definition of something close to this: "A privileged white individual moving to another country to basically… Continue reading The Gringo Grind

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El Perspectivo Gringo – Venezuela

Hola mis Chamos! Mis Panas! y mis Fanes! Click here for the English post Espero que escriba este blogpost bien. Soy conocido de muchos nombres - El Catire, El Gringo, y estoy seguro que haya mas, pero llamame lo que sea quieran. He querido hacer un blog en espanol por mucho tiempo, pero para mi… Continue reading El Perspectivo Gringo – Venezuela