Welcome to Colombia – First Stop – Cartagena

This is a test. This blog is about my first month in Cartagena, Colombia. Test. Test. Test. Tessst!

5 Destinations to Visit in Peru Other Than Machu Picchu!

On your way to Peru and don’t know where to visit apart from Machu Pichhu? Don’t worry. Here are 5 must-see destinations for you to experience on your next trip to Peru! Machu Picchu being one of the main tourist attractions in the nation, it is without a doubt flooded with tourists from around theContinue reading “5 Destinations to Visit in Peru Other Than Machu Picchu!”

The benefits of traveling

Where to start! So you want to know the benefits of traveling?! What could possibly be so great about traveling long term. Well, let me tell you that traveling is not all about sitting on a beach all day drinking margaritas – but I can do that more often now since the ocean is likeContinue reading “The benefits of traveling”